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Galeria Aparte (UNAGE Iași, Romania) presented the project "The story that could have been" (August 10-16, 2023), which included works signed by Oana Maria Nae, Ioana Păvăleanu (doctor) and Horia Ioachim Nae. In the current project, Oana Maria Nae is an artist-curator, responsible for both the exhibition concept and the artistic content and process. The exhibition is the story of a personal journey, from which the artist-curator extracted and then combined the practical and theoretical aspects of her own story and interaction with art over the years.

"Started as an intimate approach, an opportunity to reminisce and reactivate a personal creative process, the present exhibition becomes a support for the idea of the potentiality of an artistic career that did not happen", we learn from the curator. Oana Maria Nae is currently an art historian focusing on the area of modern art theory and modern design. However, several years ago she had a training in the field of visual arts, working with various artistic concepts and techniques. The exhibition consists of a fragmentary collage made of sketches, texts, works with various themes that Oana Maria Nae made from primary school to the period of her MA studies (approx. between 1990-2008). "Added to these are active and current process of self-analysis based on the temporal distance from that period. The period between the possible beginning of an artistic career and the present dominated by other concerns, professional or domestic, becomes a time in which the ability and freedom to choose, submission to choices and their acceptance, subtly transforms into a mechanism of regulation and understanding of the balance between reality and potentiality", Oana Maria Nae also conveys.

An obvious feminist reading of this artistic act is brought by the roles that Oana Maria Nae assumes and exhibits on this background. As a real echo of these ideas, several artworks made by Ioana Păvăleanu, a doctor, and Horia Ioachim Nae are brought to the exhibition, works that outline other creative potentialities, one of an amateur and the other of a child in training, which can be extinguished or, on the contrary, may increase or continue to exist.

"<<The story that could have been>> is an self-analysis exhibition of the creative process in its temporal evolution, signed by Oana Maria Nae, art historian, with an undeniable talent, enhanced by years of professional academic education. She could have been a visual artist - her cultivated talent fully recommends her, but her analytical spirit and pedagogic vocation opened other doors for her and it was not to be. The parable of the choices we make that shape or at least influence our professional destiny is obvious. But the humor, the self-irony, the appetite for mixed media and the collaborative text-image message are also remarkable. I also appreciated a nice nod to the passing of the years, with two guest artists - a transgenerational collaboration with Horia Ioachim Nae (in training) and a tribute to a friend in art, Ioana Păvăleanu, who finally chose medicine as a profession” - Cristina Simion, gallerist and curator at Tiny Griffon Gallery Nürnberg.

Oana Maria Nicuță Nae teaches modern and contemporary art courses at “George Enescu” National University of Art in Iasi. She is interested in the representation of women in modern Romanian painting, but also in the relationship between Orientalism and Westernism in modern art. She experienced the process of artistic creation for several years, especially the techniques of decorative art, being a graduate of the Mural Art specialization (2006) and participating in various exhibitions and collective artistic projects (2002-2008). She also created two mural art projects in Iasi (2002, 2006) and graphically illustrated the book "A super, mega, extra journey in the world of sleep" (ed. Sedcom Libris, 2022).

Știri și povești din lumea artei, a jurnalismului și turismului cultural. Recenzii de expoziții, prezentări de film și file de călătorie.

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