Andr0meda: Art structures and installations inspired by nature

August 25, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Andr0meda is the pseudonym that Andra Bularca uses to sign the artistic installations placed in public spaces, the jewelry and the various artistic objects she works on. She is a graduate of "Hans Mattis-Teutsch" Fine Arts Vocational High School in Brașov (RO) and "Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca (RO). She is in fact a dental technician, but already gave up the idea of practicing and returned to art.

"In high school I started with mural painting, then I moved on to making jewelry, henna tattoos, string art, ceramics, some tailoring, and from 2018 I started to develop my passion for volumes, so I begun to work on installations made of natural elements, with the help of which I thought I could remind people how important it is to be able to free ourselves from the tensions acquired between the concretes of the cities and reconnect with our true nature.

After finishing my studies I had several attempts to integrate into this linear society, but my artistic spirit did not want to remain in the shadow, so I decided to declare myself an artist and do my best to make a living from it. Therefore, I am a visual artist and I like to work and learn the most diverse expression techniques, although since I was little I feel a stronger call towards volumes and installations", says the artist.

It is a form of art installation, which results in human shape, made of sticks, branches or roots, built in natural size, or various other structures. A recent project renders a DNA structure, for which she used wire, sticks and lights to accentuate its dynamism. In fact, lights are added to all installations, so the perception of the structure changes depending on when it is seen - day or night. Another of her installation is found in the center of Brașov, it is called "Mother nature" and it is a female figure, placed next to a tree. The project is part of Street Delivery Brașov.

"It is about recycling elements from nature, giving them an artistic touch. I wanted to highlight the idea of a bridge between humans and nature and the fact that without it we could not survive. It represents that cyclical rhythm in which we become one with the earth, becoming nourishment for nature, and it supports life.

The DNA structure was conceived within the Waha Festival, after the "roots" theme was nominated. In addition to using twigs and roots to design the installation, I dared to go a little further, to reach the root of life in the entire galaxy, the basis of our existence, namely that small, but surely the most precious structure in the nucleus of each cell, the DNA full of information", Andra explains.

Although she does not yet have a very extensive exhibition history, she has already managed to exhibit at two editions of the Waha Festival, then at Street Delivery Brașov, and will participate at Street Delivery Bucharest in September.

Andra can be seen on Facebook as Andr0meda and on Instagram – the page Andr.0.meda, where you can follow what she is creating. You will find her installations and original jewelry creations there, resulting from the juxtaposition of several types of materials, especially combinations of textiles with colored stones or beads. There you can find many other types of artistic objects created by Andra.

photos - Andr0meda 

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