"Revelations": The metaphysical pop of Argentinean artist Cynthia Cohen

September 11, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"Revelaciones" (Revelations) is the consecrating exhibition for Argentine plastic artist Cynthia Cohen, curated by Laura Batkis. Held at MC Gallery, located in the Palermo neighborhood, the proposal seeks to transport the viewer to a metaphysical plane through a series of Pop works that refer to consumerism, Camp, and Surrealism through the use of extravagance, humor, and absurdity.
Cynthia Cohen. MC Gallery. 2023

The artist's current production reflects the state of her perception of the world and the way she conceives life and art today. According to Batkis, Cohen builds a body of work in which an infinite number of fascinating scenes and thoughts are superimposed, without an apparent logical structure, as happens when we meditate. Her works can be conceived as stories built from images and situations in a creative process of free association, as a contradictory way different elements that provoke estrangement.

In the exhibition, rocks with expressive textures take great prominence as a transcendent and spiritual revelation, mixing objects of vibrant colors on backgrounds of the Argentine landscape. Rocks had already been used by the artist in her first exhibition when she painted them as precious stones set in rings. Now, the rocks are textured in an expressive way, far from the precisionism of that time.

In this unmissable exhibition, Cohen discovers not only her craft to bring her visions to the plane but also abandons the flat backgrounds and the brilliance of pop to take a more metaphysical path, where the theme of the landscape appears so defined that it invites us to project ourselves in that calm. But some more surprises have to do with the room where sensuality sneaks in without concealment in a video installation, provoking the senses open to touch, lick, and point.

Cynthia Cohen. MC Gallery. 2023

In her approach to painting, there was always a recognizable bias that had to do with the sharpness, the neatness of the image, and the laborious activity that he deploys both for the inert of the stones and the tributes to American pop artists, now another kind of image appears. These new works have to do with something Cohen has been working on for 30 years and represent a break with her previous series, almost marking a new stage, a different path that portrays her current thinking, her ideas linked to a universe close to the spiritual, the mystical.

Before, the artist explored an image close to the camp, which maintained somewhat ridiculous associations, an exaltation of objects derived from consumption. On the other hand, in "Revelaciones" the curatorial proposal proposes the idea of a "metaphysical Pop", where things happen that we cannot see, only feel the energies.

"Revelaciones" is a pictorial proposal that is contemporary and original, mixing vibrant colorful objects on backgrounds of the Argentine landscape. MC Gallery once again creates a unique space for appreciation and dialogue about art and continues to build on its objective of giving visibility and new ways of approaching modern and contemporary artists from Latin America.

Cynthia Cohen. 2023

Location: MC Gallery, José León Pagano 2649, C1425 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 17th August 2023 
End Date: 30th September 2023
Working hours: Monday-Friday: 10am to 19 pm


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