"Manifiesto Verde", an exhibition on the climate crisis in Argentina

August 08, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"Manifiesto Verde" (Green Manifesto) is an exhibition of Argentine artists at the Museum of Modern Art, as part of the annual exhibition program "El arte, ese río interminable" (Art, that endless river). Curated by Alejandra Aguado and Rodrigo Barcos as assistant curator, this exhibition highlights the pioneering art of ecological imprint created since the 1960s by Nicolás García Uriburu and proposes a dialogue with other Argentine artists whose works reactivate the imaginary of nature.
Nicolás García Uriburu

Museum of Modern Art
Florencia Böhtlingk, Luis Fernando Benedit, Melé Bruniard, Juana Butler, Feliciano Centurión, Nora Correas, Casimiro Domingo, Raquel Forner, Ricardo Garabito, Edgardo Giménez, Juan Grela, Aid Herrera, Lido Iacopetti, Marcelo Pombo and Juan Tessi, are the artists who build a common thread with Nicolás García Uriburu's "Green Manifesto". In his statement written in 1971, Uriburu denounces the antagonism between nature and civilization through his performative practice. His best-known gesture is to dye water green with a harmless fluorescent substance, as he did with the waters of Venice, in Italy, or the Riachuelo, a heavily polluted river in Buenos Aires.

In a mix of tributes and contemporary views, this exhibition proposes to recover the fundamental role of his painting as a manifesto against the depredation and exploitation of the Earth. The cornerstone is Uriburu's paintings. From this impulse, a dialogue begins with Florencia Böhtlingk, who created for the occasion "Hunters and Gatherers", a gigantic mural 16 meters wide x 4 meters high. Another example is Uriburu's pop-style paintings together with the free and public drawings of Marcelo Pombo, emblematic artist of Argentine pop art. Also on display are textiles by Feliciano Gómez Centurión and tapestries by Edgardo Giménez, from which the imaginary of nature is reactivated.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

This exhibition brings the environmental crisis back to the center of the debate, recovering Uriburu's work. Like the artistic avant-gardes of the early 20th century, art and life converge from a political dimension centered on calling attention to the depredation of Latin America's natural resources. "With my art, I denounce the antagonism between Nature and Civilization. That is why I color my body, my sex, and the waters of the world. The most evolved countries are destroying water, land, and air, reserves of the future in Latin American countries," García Uriburu expressed in his Manifesto.

"Green Manifesto" intends to think of a genealogy from a work that is, beyond the fact that there is an imaginary that is referred to the natural, are investigations of artists and painters who are all the time thinking about how to compose, and achieve from their imaginary another type of work, a work that is, beyond the fact that there is an imaginary that is referred to the natural.

Nicolás García Uriburu

Museum of Modern Art

Location: Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Av. San Juan 350, C1147 AAO, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 6th July 2023
End Date: 31st December 2023
Working hours: Monday: 11am to 7pm
                          Wednesday-Friday: 11am to 7pm
                          Saturday-Sunday: 11am to 8pm
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Participating Artist: 
Florencia Böhtlingk
Luis Fernando Benedit
Melé Bruniard
Juana Butler
Feliciano Centurión
Nora Correas
Casimiro Domingo
Ricardo Garabito
Juan Grela
Aid Herrera
Lido Iacopetti

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