The strange world of Renata Schussheim at the Borges Cultural Center

July 20, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"Fulguraciones" is a solo exhibition by Argentine artist and set designer Renata Schussheim held at the Borges Cultural Center. Schussheim exhibits sculptures of ethereal swimmers suspended in the dome of the building, the most beautiful space in this place. The exhibition continues in the Berni Pavilion, where she exhibits large-scale intervened photographs showing strange men disguised as polar bears who, in turn, are photographed with young and old. According to the artist, it is the strangest exhibition she has ever done.
Renata Schussheim
From a conceptual point of view, "Fulguraciones" is a crossroads where the depth of the sea rises, feeding back the mystery of life with its lights and shadows. On the one hand, the swimmers made in 3D printing are placed in a spiral and hand-painted by the artist which surprise both for their realism and for their subtle and silent character. These delicate figures are floating surrounded by bubbles and illuminated by sunlight peeking through the glazed dome. The pastel colors of the swimmers blend perfectly with the idea of "purity" of the aquatic and luminous environment.

In contrast, the room in the Berni Pavilion is characterized by a space painted entirely in gray with 22 large black and white photographs intervened by Schussheim. In the images, we see men dressed as polar bears posing with different people, like typical vacation souvenirs. The curious thing is that the polar bears are on the beach, out of their habitat. Another aspect that generates a strangeness in the viewer is that the surrealistic style images are real. The artist extracted the original photographs from the Internet from which she manually modified the bears' faces to make them look sinister.

Renata Schussheim
The contrast between freedom and luminosity in the dark universe is evident. The bridge between these two fantasy worlds created by Schussheim is provided by three small sculptures: one of a solitary polar bear and two of the swimmers. Accompanying the experience is a continuous, slow-motion video of a giant wave about to break. The soundtrack of the room and the video is by Damián Laplace.

To enter this exhibition is to immerse oneself in a different world. More than a visit, it is a profound experience destined to be remembered forever, as happens when something challenges us from a very deep place that perhaps we cannot explain with words because the mystery of emotions is reluctant to be verbalized.

Renata Schussheim
Location: Borges Cultural Center, Viamonte 525, C1053 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 19th April 2023 
End Date: 2nd July 2023
Working hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 14pm to 20 pm

Renata Schussheim

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