Ana Pascu: "Towards Inmost"

July 19, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery recently presented in Bucharest a solo exhibition by Ana Pascu - "Towards Inmost", curated by Iselin Huluba.

“Towards Inmost” is a 5-channel video installation that investigates the interaction between the human experience and the external environment. Through performance, video, sound and object, the installation invites the viewer to reflect on the mechanisms that shape our relationship to the physical reality.

<<The performance captures the fluidity and dynamism of human experiences, translating inner thoughts and outer interactions into a choreography of feelings, while the sound reproduces the soundscape of the border between the two spaces.

The installation highlights two planes - one physical and one intangible, both explored through movement. Through the interaction of the characters moving along the screens and through the imposing presence of the oversized self observing from the outside, the installation presents the metaphysical journey within the human-environment relationship>>, points out the artist.

<<At a form level, the objects within the installation detach themselves from their ordinary functionality and become casings for the screens they contain. This relation between the containing object and the containing screen launches a first attempt to thin the boundary between the two media.

Within the installation, the screen in its original function, becomes a window, which reveals the space proposed by the video material. In addition to the existing screens inside the objects, the concept of the internal is also supported by the two projections that are found on the outer walls of the space. In this way, the two spaces are demarcated even more strongly by relating to the architecture of the exhibition space.

The video content consists of capturing the body movement within a white cube space, a space whose borders are defined by the communication between the screen and the subject that contains it. From this moment, we can talk about the existence of a third space, only formed at the level of perception and investigated by the performative action of the character present in the screens.

The video is divided into all the screens of the installation, and its continuity is ensured by the singular and sequential presence of the subject in each object. Although, on a technical level, these are separate videos, the sensation perceived by the viewer is an integral one, of the same material, which is discovered from different perspectives through the objects that contain it>>, adds the artists.

<<With the 5-channel video installation, “Towards Inmost,” Ana Pascu invites the viewer to embark on a metaphysical journey of self-discovery and spatial awareness.

Integrating screens within domestic artifacts, the installation aims to open a dialogue between the inner and outer worlds; mediating the meeting through technology and performance. In an attempt to evoke the complex, yet eerily fluid human experience, Pascu transgresses her performers across the multiple screens while simultaneously introducing a larger than life “self” figure looking “in” from outside the insect-based installation.

The artist asks the viewer to reflect on the mechanisms that shape our perception of ourselves and our surroundings; to question the boundaries between the personal and the impersonal, the familiar and the foreign, the physical and the intangible>>, we learn from the curator.

"Towards Inmost" project is part of the Graduation exhibitions of the Photo-video computerized image processing department of the National University of Arts Bucharest, class of 2023.

Art Installation by Ana Pascu
Coordinator: Răzvan Tun
Choreography & performance: Anca Stoica
Soundscape: Shai Lavi
Photographer: Cătălin Georgescu

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