New art performance projects, incorporating powerful messages, recently presented in Bucharest

July 27, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

"Alchemy of body in crisis", ecoperformance at Pavilion 32

On 20th of July took place an ecoperformative conference embodying results of an art research funded under Culture moves Europe program and Goethe Institute.
Two ecoperformative trajectories embodied, on the one hand, the building of the body of nature as body of collapse; on the other hand, the alchemical process for transmutation of matter.

The immersive event was designed to recreate and showcase the results of the artistic research undertaken by Alina Tofan and GCV (co-founders of Plastic Art Performance collective) in Norway.
The ecoperformative conference was guided using points of visual installation, object installation and sound-design. The public could explore it with all senses and become part of the performative journey.

photo by Alina Tofan

The art mobility

Between April and May 2023, the two resident artists have been hosted in Vestfold, Telemark region in Norway, working together with Creatorium International, an active NGO based in Steinsholt, in order to develop an art methodology centered on ecoperformance and bringing together practices at the intersection of art and ecology.

As a result of the 3-week-long program of practices, co-developed with the participation of Vladislav Calestru, a series of art products emerged: a durational ecoperformance installation opened for the public in Kruttverket art gallery center in Oslo, site-specific performances in various Norwegian landscapes, two video-art / ecovideoperformances, sound-art installation, as well as nature-object installations.

The resulted methodology stands as the group’s corpus of practices, developed, tested and implemented throughout the last 3 years in Romania, in the territory of ecoperformance - an international artistic practice, movement and community sprouted in Brazil and guided for the past 30 years under Taanteatro Companhia, initiators of the vision, practice and the first Ecoperformance Festival.

The creators

Plastic Art Performance Collective is an art group active in the Romanian arts and cultural scene based in Bucharest, focused on connecting awareness, body and ecology through various art forms. The group creates ecoperformances, immersive events and multimedia projects centered around the relationship with the environment.

Creatorium is a non-for-profit organization based in Steinsholt, Norway, developing international projects focused on active learning methods, community building, internationalism and global awareness, with focus on the self-development needs and creative expression.
The art mobility was awarded a grant by Culture moves Europe program.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto / "It Takes No Compromise to Give People Their Rights"

Sector 1 Gallery presented a premiere performance by Norwegian-Brazilian artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto, entitled “It Takes No Compromise to Give People Their Rights”, 2023. The event took place on Saturday, July 22nd, in Bucharest.

photos by Sector 1 Gallery

Kiyoshi Yamamoto’s works convey political messages and address social issues, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community and human rights. Inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Amazon, such as the Tupi and Maracatu populations, who have been colonized and exploited by the Portuguese since the 14th century, Yamamoto uses the traditions of Native American cultures to express their vibrant colors in the context of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Kiyoshi also integrates industrial production as an artistic method through which he creates his works, giving them functionality, such as sunglasses, bandanas, and costumes. The title of the new artwork presented at Sector 1 Gallery is inspired by a phrase from gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk, recreated on the masks and costumes worn by the five performers, including the artist himself, each belonging to a different generation, from 20 to 60 years old. They will move to the melodies of Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos, wearing Yamamoto’s creations. Live music will be performed by Bogdan Postolache on cello and Monica Postolache on violin.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto (b. 1982) works in a variety of artistic techniques, including textiles, painting, printmaking, installation, and video. He has exhibited in various international contexts and holds a master’s degree from the National Art College in Bergen (2013). Currently, he lives and works in Bergen, Norway.

The performance was part of the exhibition “Mother’s Nature”, curated by Maya Økland and Cristina Bută. Partner: VISP – Produksjonsenhet for visuell kunst.

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