Countless leaves in metal columns / “Dorina Horătău. Landscape Reconstructions”

January 18, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

MNAC Bucharest - 8.12.2022-16.04.2023

The exhibition “Dorina Horătău. Landscape Reconstructions”, curated by Călin Dan, part of MNAC Winter Opening 2022, can still be visited in the Marble Hall on the ground floor of the museum until April 16, 2023. We stand before a great project that inevitably leads us to think about ephemerality, the flow of time and the way matter is consumed.

What happens to the leaves after they dry up and fall off trees? We don't ask that question anymore, because we're confident we know the answer. Dorina Hotărău has discovered a new one. And another circuit of leaves in nature. Thus, inside the museum, a surprisingly deep indoor forest has been created.

Dorina Horătău diligently collected dry leaves from the MNAC grove. She covered the floor of the Marble Hall with them. She “recomposed” the trees outside in the form of metal columns. She amplified the effect on the viewer with the rhythmic sounds of an axe that seems to break both wood and silence. The visitor is left only to discover this organic site, along with the artful circuit of matter”, the curatorial team informs.
Ph. Serioja Bocsok / MNAC Bucharest
The form and forestry content of a perimeter of the grove in front of MNAC are brought in an abstracted form into the interior space of the building, in the Marble Hall. Each built trunk/container from the inside contains leaves collected from under the “corresponding” tree in the natural environment outside. This site-specific proposal relies on a sensorial experience based on the strong contradiction between the delimited space and its content, with the intention of creating an active, objective reality in which artistic intervention creates a place of introspection, questioning and reflection”, pointed out the artist.

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The curatorial team - Călin Dan, Sandra Demetrescu, Alexandru Oberländer-Târnoveanu;

Production - Ionuț Emilian Petcu, Teodor Horătău, Gheorghe Olteanu, Răzvan Mihalachi, Mihai Toma, Ionuț Marin;

Special thanks to Călin Diaconu, Raisa & Nona Beicu, Adrian Ciocanea, Daniel Costianu, Cristian Niculescu, Daniel Constantinescu, Mihaela Ghiță, Victor Velculescu, Daliana Păcuraru, Cătălin Dârzu, Dan Buzan;

Photopraphy - Serioja Bocsok / MNAC Bucharest;

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