“Nodal” / Mihai Țopescu at Annart Gallery

December 20, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

For the first time present in the exhibition space of Annart Gallery in Bucharest, the artist Mihai Țopescu brings to the public a new series of works, made in various techniques, materials and textures. "Nodal", Mihai Țopescu's latest artistic project brings together works in charcoal or wood, bronze and textiles, united thematically and symbolically, in multiple forms of representation of the same motif. "Known especially for his works in glass, the artist now proposes a meeting between the object - compact forms inspired by popular architecture - and key images that together produce meanings that merge and swallow each other, functioning on a symbolic level under the sign of the union of opposites, as well like a knot (nodul).
Photos by Annart Gallery
Nodal includes a series of recent works through which the artist reveals an entire Romanian metaphysics, but also major motifs from universal art. Through his twisted rope knots, Mihai Țopescu proposes an incursion among archetypes, binds and unbinds meanings, leaving the most divergent meanings available to the viewer.

This special project, in which the knot is the leitmotif of his artistic quests, seeks a reconciliation between a world with a specific Romanian substrate and influences from universal symbolism, just as the knots join in an interlocking that gives rise to a perfect geometric body, which marks in constantly the creation of the artist", emphasizes Gigi Mihăiță, the curator of the project.

NODAL is an adjective for essential, fundamental, first order, main, basic. The node is the zero point, it is the place of intersection and crossing, it is a verge.

“According to Kirchhoff's first law, also known as the node law: the algebraic sum of the intensities of electric currents that meet in a network node is equal to zero. The sum of the inputs (energy, talent, inspiration, etc.) equals the sum of the outputs (the art object and its qualities). As the ladder goes up and down at the same time, the knot ties and unties. (…) The artist is assertive and ambiguous at the same time. Through his art, Mihai Țopescu asks questions and gives possible answers, encouraging the viewer to be participative in the relationship with these works”, adds the curator.

The exhibition opened on November 24, 2022 can be visited until January 7, 2023.

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