“In a liminal space my shadow gets twisted” / Solo show by Albert Kaan

January 31, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Albert Kaan’s latest art project was recently presented at Atelier 35, Bucharest. “A liminal space” is known as both a place and a state, a condition of transitioning, a gap in which one's shape or identity is indefinite, the curatorial team informs us. “You may think of it as a crossing point, a state of existence between certainties, between forms and realities; the sensation of in-betweenness. Do we define such a state and the elements within it by what was, what is to be, or by the mere condition of (a) changeover?

The exhibition “In a liminal space my shadow gets twisted” shows a snippet from Albert Kaan’s latest project, in which the artist questions the manner of existence of a transitional self and its identity. Drawing from the experience of living life between rural and urban spaces, he outlines the junction of worlds and the transition one navigates through them, using reinterpreted shapes and recontextualized props in undefined new settings. 

The exhibition gathers a series of works that illustrate his journey, that talk about transience in that kind of liminal space, where the forms embodied may appear or leave a trace of their presence, but in the end, none remain”, points out curator Monica Danilă in her statement.

Born in Sinaia, Romania, Albert Kaan is a conceptual and land artist who lives and works between Bucharest and Gulia. He works with the context he chooses both within them and towards expanding their meaning. His discourse is modelled by his urban and rural experiences. Since 2015 he started working with light elements, in different mediums of expression, ranging from sculpture to stage design. In this exhibition, he is standing in the threshold between materiality and idea.
Find out more about the artist here - https://www.albert-kaan.com/bio

Foto credits - Mihai Bodea & Didi Elena

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