“Liquid Dream”: an immersive installation about the power of water

August 29, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

"Liquid Dream" is the title of the light, interactive and sound installation that Argentine artist Jimena Fuertes inaugurated at the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collection. Inside a darkened room, the work invites sensorial and immersive exploration through the water. The unique shades of turquoise impact the viewer and the reflections play with the emblematic building, next to the river.

"Liquid Dream". Ph: Pablo Jantus

Front of the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collection

The artist creates a space of dreamlike aesthetics that takes water as an element of inspiration, as a bridge to another world, and as a spiritual substance. Water defines the visual and sound aesthetics that flows softly and accompanies a series of geometric acrylic figures that are transformed into the aquatic world, feel its movement, are immersed in it, and in the transition seek to be reflected in other forms.

Jimena Fuertes, who has excelled in contemporary geometric abstraction, arranges these figures without concrete forms in order to represent the flow of water. Underwater, nothing can be the same shape, everything is transformed by the qualities of the liquid state. In this sense, the installation allows the viewer to live the experience of transformation. The ductility of water undoubtedly gives free rein to one's imagination.

Jimena Fuertes. Ph: Florencia Downes
Ph: Florencia Downes

Ph: Pablo Jantus

Ph: Pablo Jantus

Detail of "Liquid Dream"

"Liquid Dream" also generates an emotional impact. This proposal is designed for spectators to enter the room in pairs and experience a more intimate encounter. The play of lights and colors and the vibrating sound also help people to perceive the space, their role in it, and their relationship with others. It is an installation where time does not matter and everything is transformed.

This exhibition aims to form existential questions, but it is also about environmental and social awareness. Water is an essential element for human beings, it transmits peace, makes us happy, and also nourishes us. Jimena Fuertes invites us to live this immersive experience, this liquid dream to stop and experience a real now that is impossible not to enjoy, but also poetically, she warns us that water is a resource that we must protect and defend.

"Liquid Dream"
Location: Fortabat Collection Museum, Olga Cossettini 141, C1107 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 21st July 2022
End Date: 4th September 2022
Working hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 12am to 20 pm
Official website: 

Participating Artist: 

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