Adrian Grecu: “RetroPerspectiva – A digital manifesto”

August 16, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca recently presented a personal exhibition signed by Adrian Grecu, entitled "RetroPerspectiva – A digital manifesto". Curator of the project was Horea Avram. An artist and designer with long experience in the IT field, Adrian Grecu is one of the most relevant artist-technologists in Romania. He combines painting with computer-generated imagery achieved through 3D modeling, rendering and canvas printing.

Photos by István Feleki
Adrian Grecu is a pioneer in combining traditional media with augmented and virtual reality. The artist started looking for the visual effects of joining real objects with those digitally modeled in 3D since the end of the 90s. His works have won awards and been presented at international exhibitions in London, Seoul, Koga, Sint Niklaas, Gliwicze, Kanagawa, Cheju, Venice.

"The exhibition brought together some of the most important landmarks of the artistic production of Adrian Grecu, one of the most relevant artists active in the sphere of new technologies in Romania. Adrian Grecu is a veteran of the use of digital media and their expressive and conceptual potential.

The RetroPerspectiva project is not only a recuperative exercise - although the retrospective dimension remains obvious, being so necessary in the case of a mature artist with a vast activity - but it also wants and succeeds in being a manifesto of our way of relating to the current world. It's a speech about the utopias and dystopias still present in the collective mind, it's a comment on the idea of power, both political power and its abuses, as well as cutting-edge artistic practices and tools, more precisely their power of visualization and conceptualization, suggested by the defiantly waved flag in the title of the exhibition and which proudly bears the Power symbol specific to electronic instruments," pointed out curator Horea Avram.

"And, like any manifesto, this exhibition has programmatic value: naturally including previous digital works, in two-dimensional format, graphic or pictorial, the artist fertilely speculates in the recent works the direct, moving encounter between the digital and the real facilitated by the use of Augmented Reality. RetroPerspective. A digital manifesto is an exhibition that constitutes itself as a real manifesto of the era in which we live and of our (always) extended experience of this world, one that stands more and more under the sign of the digital".

Adrian Grecu was born in Cluj-Napoca in 1969, he graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, but also from the Faculty of Physics of Babeș-Bolyai University. He had personal exhibitions in Romania, in Cluj and Bucharest and in the USA. He participated with works in various international graphics festivals in Poland, Japan, Korea, Belgium.

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