Postal Artist Books: A project that put artists from all over the world to collaborate together

February 24, 2022 | Analía Vallejo Larrea

The starting point of this exhibition is the quarantine of 2020, where an international call for entries was launched, with free registration for all artists interested in participating in the exchange project. Artists from all over the world could participate in this project, and the exchange consisted of assigning each artist, by means of a draw, to another artist from a different continent.
Ilze Dilane (Latvia) - Cildo Oliveira (Brazil)
From this moment on, each artist duo began to work together, each producing an artists book to be completed by the other. These books were sent between the couples, and, once completed, were sent to Brazil to organize the exhibition.
Anne Vilsboell (Denmark) - Juan Eduardo Pérez Parón (Venezuela)
The idea is that this exhibition will travel around the world, it has already been in places like Brazil or Argentina, and now it arrives in Ecuador in Q Gallery.
María Elena Vial (Chile) - Renata Giannelli (Italy)
In this project 72 artists from 36 countries participated, between 2020 and 2021 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Precisely, the Pandemic opened the possibility for artists to rethink their lives and the planet, being able to engage in an extraordinary and unique way in their creative processes, searching for answers and finding unexpected solutions. This project aimed to create an opportunity for artists from all over the world to exchange experiences through the exchange of Artists Books, in this period of difficult access.
Heike Berl (Germany) - Gail Stiffe (Australia)
From this exchange, many stories emerged, distances were reduced, artist books traveled where we could not go in the current circumstances, facing all the difficulties of closing borders, and post offices, and in the end, we have a collection, where each book carries with it a world of experiences and visions of this unique moment in which we are living.
Eliana Anghinah (Brazil) - Evangelia Biza (Greece)
The collection is now part of the International Artist Book Library, the artists that are part of the exhibition are:

Carolina Oltra, Heike Berl, Josephine Tabbert, Petra Grupp, Siegrid Mueller-Holtz, Mónica Goldstein, Silvia Turbiner,Denise Martin, Gail Stiffe, Heather Matthew, Altina Felicio, Angela Barbour, Cildo Oliveira, Eliana Anghinah, Lourdes Sakotani, Luciane, Kunde Borges, Lygia Eluf, Marisa Garcia de Souza, Maura Takemiya, Regina Carmona, Ann Mansolino, Gina Page, Maria Elena Vial, Mandana Mehrnia, İnci Kansu, Ismet Tatar, Hilda Piedrahita, Miriam Londoño, Anne Vilsboell e Grethe WiProck, Okasha, Rania Ashraf, Gabriela Égüez, Annabel Keatley, Olga Serral, Devi Dragone, Genevieve Lapp, Naomi Krajewski, Anne Rudanovski, Erica Menna, Liisa Malkamo e Niina Keltamäki, Dominique Rousseau, Pascal Minart, Viviane Colautti Ivanova, Evangelia Biza, Aliza Thomas, Cherilyn Martin, Eva Kipp, Eszter Bornemisza, Ankon Mitra, Karna Mustaqim, Kristveig Halldórsdówr, Laura Behar, Luciano Pandiani, Renata Giannelli, Keiko Horiguchi, Ilze Dilane, Ceres Lau, Haji Said, Margara De Haene, Laura Romero, Kirsti Grotmol, Lilia Puentes, José Luis Mosie, Roger Bellido Ancori, Zuzanna Dolega, Elisabeth Westlund, Therese Weber, Amanda Lynch, Juan Eduardo Pérez Padrón (Jepp) y Natalia Rondón.
Laura Behar (Israel) - Aliza Thomas (Netherlands)
The Project was idealized and curated by Ângela Barbour, the IAPMA Exhibitions Coordinator, organized by Ellora Ateliê, joined to PapelArte/ArtPaper Interchange Art Project and supported by IAPMA from the Call for Members Proposals.
Siegrid Mueller-Holtz (Germany) - Marisa Garcia de Souza (Brasil)
We can find this exhibition open from February 23 to March 17, at Q Galería, located in Cumbayá-Quito.
Therese Weber (Switzerland) - Lygia Eluf (Brasil)

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