“Subtitles for silence. Graphic diary” by Ema Voinescu

February 21, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The graphic exhibition in question opened at the end of January as a first project of a new gallery in Brașov, Romania - The Sphere / LAB;ORATORIUM, a space that aims to promote contemporary arts and culture, emerging artists and mid-career artists. The exhibition remains open until February 28th.

Photos by The Sphere / LAB;ORATORIUM & Alexandra Ardelean

Artist Ema Voinescu, a graduate of the National University of Arts, Graphics Department, returns with a new exhibition project, which she worked on together with Alexandra Ardelean, independent curator. The artist exhibited in Brașov before, and her activity includes numerous participations in group exhibitions, both in Romania and abroad.

Her mostly figurative art translates into order and minimalism, and her exhibition “Subtitles for Silence. Graphic diary” brings to the public's attention a set of new works that express daily introspections.

The concept of the typical sketchbook from the artists' arsenal was transformed by the artist into a collection of snapshots rendered on individual pages, forming groupings inside the exhibition space. The drawings can be seen as independent works, but in the same way they are free to associate with each other, to compose dynamic, temporary groups. Each new exposure can bring new interpretations to the same images. Like a real diary, the topics covered show the asymmetry of human life: happiness is intertwined with doubts, humor is sprinkled with moments of clarity, and witty wordplay is combined with decisive events.

The works that the public has the opportunity to see here are made in ink, which allows the artist to make quick movements on paper. The ease with which they were rendered indicates a determined hand, characterized by spontaneity. The central theme of the exhibition is the interior-exterior antithesis, indicated by the addition of seemingly opposite themes: forest vs. home; familiar vs. foreigner; individual vs. crowd; the diary as a personal object, exposed in the context of this event reflects the same contradiction.

The artist pays special attention to the details, thus facilitating the perception of the big picture. Introverted, she does not reveal the whole story, but through lines, human figures, words and shapes she manages to easily reproduce sketched experiences which the viewer is already familiar with. The drawings are sometimes accompanied by words, proof of inspiration from Japanese art, and they contribute to the interpretation of the compositions. Humorous, absurd or of a shocking realism, Ema Voinescu draws attention to some details and emotional elements, that can easily be omitted. Insightful, she becomes aware of them, graphically renders them, and passes on the interest to the viewer. Introspection is, therefore, inevitable
“, pointed out the curator.

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