Michael Höepfner at Michela Rizzo Gallery in Venice

March 06, 2022 | BeatriceS

 On Saturday 19th, at Michela Rizzo Gallery - located in the characteristic Giudecca Island, on the lagoon of Venice – the solo show of the Austrian artist Michael Höepfner opened for the first time in this location. Large-scale drawings and black and white photos of his trips come together with the installations of his walking through nature.

© Galleria Michela Rizzo 2022

Höepfner focused his artistic research on the personal discovery of unexplored territory and nature, generating art from his experience gained in his solo trips of the last years. He travels and discovers nature with just a tent and a backpack, where he puts his camera and a notebook to show what he sees and what he feels in different ways. He walked especially in Tibet, and in the last years, he travelled also in Europe: the fil rouge of all these trips has always been the “happening”, the single event that is always different from one trip to another and it helps him to detach from the world, the reality.

Each step I have taken along a trail on a muddy bank of a free-flowing river in Albania or on a paved road along the dry Western beaches of the Paratethys leads me into a dimension of time and place that is not human but can be just looked at and be interpreted by humans”, states the artist.

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