„PRESENT: INVISIBLE” / Photography exhibition by Teodor Bădărău

June 25, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The Union of Visual Artists from Romania - Iași Branch presented between 11 and 20 June 2021, in the  space of „N. Tonitza ” Gallery the photography exhibition “PRESENT: INVISIBLE ” signed by artist Teodor Bădărău, a project curated by Cătălin Gheorghe.

“The change of urban life subscribes to the way of (self) structuring the landscape. Photography can de-document the experience of traversing a space which, as a feeling, becomes a meeting point between a way of conceiving the transversality of the message of artistic research and a way of working with the effects of post-photography. In a succession of scenic frames and metac frames of the representation, through a crossing of a context through immersive acts and detachment reflections, the presence is associated with an aura of invisibility that short-circuits the meaning of photography and the rhetoric of its exposure ", said the curator about the most recent project of the photographer Teodor Bădărău.

On the occasion of a past photographic project of the same artist, focused on the same type of photographic research, called "ON THE EDGE OF A SPECULATIVE SPACE", exhibition organized by Vector Studio and UNAGE, also curated by Cătălin Gheorghe, the curator said that in his project 'research based on photography', Teodor Bădărău processes 'the space outside the exhibition space' through simulation, representation and interpretation, involving the relations 'previous authorial presence' - 'initial absence of the viewer' in an act of construction of a 'differential network' paradoxes in which loneliness, alienation and nihilism are engaged with interventionism, intersubjectivism and experiential conceptualism. His research does not involve a linear investigation that would start from an intuition, would document the factuality of the space of the gaze in an objectively observational way, would select the data confirmed by the work process experiment, would design the representation system to communicate as convincingly as possible the experience of conception. but it involves creating a receptive experience that puts the audience in a situation of ambiguity and then immerses them in a reflection of subsequent clarification of wonder.

"According to the artist, the aim is to investigate the subsidiary of the image, the issues related to the positioning of the photographer, the camera, the viewer, and, thus, the situation of the subject of representation and the subject in an unclear intersectionality, as long as the image is negative , thus provoking an experience of the fracture between “reality” and its representation as a product of a subjective perception and reaction, from the perspective of authorial individuality. By reflecting on the condition of the sequentiality of the frames, by meditating on the metaphysical effect of expanding the image on the entire surface of analog photographic film, by building a visual installation that transforms space into motion, by intermittently producing fragments of neutral spaces that self-dissolve. a terrible liquid space, Teodor Bădărău doubles and, subsequently, multiplies the viewers on the entire horizontality of the content of the images and the intricacies of the edges of the speculative space, which, relatively definitively, he specifies ”, added the curator.

About the artist

Teodor Bădărău is a PhD student at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design at the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași. He has contributed works of art for the exhibitions: “About the Plan and its development” (2014, Iaşi); “City Times” (2014, Vaslui); “EV> V” (2015, Iaşi); “Tunnels. Directions ”(2015, Iaşi); “PhotoRomânia Festival - Essentialis” (2015, Cluj); “Reterritorializations” (2015, Bacău); “Take or Make” (2016, Bacău); “Run in background” (2016, Iaşi). In 2017 he was nominated for the “StartPoint Prize”, participating in the exhibition at the Victoria Art Center in Bucharest.

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