Exhibition "On the other side of the sea" by Clemon Bedel in the U10 gallery

June 21, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

On Thursday, June 17, at 7 pm, in the U10 gallery, the exhibition On the Other Side of the Sea by the French artist Clemon Bedel will be opened. The exhibition will be open until July 3.

"What is painting, if it is not a certain existence in the world (in Heidegger's sense) on a piece of canvas?" This existence in the world, this ontological connection with the temporality and transcendence of Clemon Bedel, allows the viewer to wander freely through the image or images, to perceive separate fragments of the biosphere and the remains of infrastructures in which human presence and logic exist only as phantom silhouettes. No dominant object will attract his attention, nor a great narrative that will conceptually hold him.

The other side of the sea is neither post-consumerist nor post-apocalyptic. It is the reconciling effect of living with the trouble that was initially caused by the force of the fall of civilization, rather than by the force of nature. In this abolition of world perspectives concerning dramatic flowering, Bedel finds a new perspective. He does this by articulating otherwise traumatic interweaving of planes that are more antagonistic than complementary. Here they show vitality and endurance, not entropy. ”from the text by Maja Ćirić

About the artist

Clemon Bedel is a French visual artist, born in 1993 in Strasbourg. In 2012, he enrolled at the National School of Art and Design in Nancy, where he mainly focused on installations and performance. After his stay at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade within the exchange program in 2016, he completely turned his attention to painting. After completing his master's studies at the National School of Art and Design, he returned to Belgrade, where he was a visiting student at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

He has had exhibitions in Serbia, Germany, and France, including a solo exhibition of paintings Shining through Reality at the City Cultural Center in Belgrade in May 2019 and participation in the Biennial of Young Creativity in Contemporary Art "MULUZ 019". in June 2019. After living in Belgrade for four years and residing in residencies, developing projects in Leipzig (2019) and Istanbul (2020), he now lives and works in Mulhouse, France.

Beginning date: 17th June
End date: 3rd July
Location: Kralja Milana 10 street (entrance from Kosovska devojka 3 street), Belgrade (Serbia)

Working hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 12 - 20h
Sunday - Monday: closed

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