The annual international exhibition „World Press Photo”, now at the Art Museum Cluj-Napoca (June 2-20, 2021)

June 08, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The 64th edition of the annual international photojournalism exhibition "World Press Photo" can also be visited this year, for the 10th time in Romania, in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara, between May and July 2021. On June 1st, a video material was broadcast on the Facebook page of the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, which marked the opening of the exhibition. The "World Press Photo" competition recognizes quality photojournalism and rewards images and stories from around the world. This year, 4,315 photographers from 130 countries around the world submitted 74,470 images. For the first time, starting this year, the exhibition is accompanied by a content project that analyzes the role and social impact of responsible journalism, the fake news phenomenon and misinformation, to be announced in this regard a series of shows, podcasts and debates that will run throughout the summer.

The event in Cluj-Napoca is part of the annual international exhibition "World Press Photo", traveling around the world, being exhibited in over 100 spaces in over 45 countries and visited by over 4.5 million people at each edition. The prestigious photojournalism exhibition connects the public to the social reality around the world, told visually through the photos of the most famous photojournalists in the world.

"We are glad that we have the opportunity to bring a symbolic exhibition for quality journalism in Romania, for the 10th time in a row, with the desire to increase the interest of Romanians for documentary photography. This year we are stronger and more determined by everything we will bring to the Romanian community in our fight against fake news and the effects of this phenomenon ", says Cristian Movilă, founder of Eidos Foundation and representative of "World Press Photo" in Romania.

"We are honored to become strategic partners of the WPPh project in Romania, exactly 10 years since we launched, also in co-production, the number 1 edition. Supporting journalism and responsible content is part of our long-term mission ”, added Dragoș Stanca, founder of Upgrade 100 and partner of Thinkdigital, the specialized company that will manage the commercial partnerships of WPPh this year.

On behalf of the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, Alexandra Sârbu, art historian and museographer, joins the Eidos Foundation team this year as well, to coordinate the 2021 edition of the "World Press Photo" exhibition at the local level. "It is an exceptional event, with an impeccable quality outfit, which enjoys a huge success with the public at every edition. It celebrates the top professionals in the field of visual journalism and examples of practical excellence, and through the generous range of topics and themes it addresses, it seeks to share with a global audience experiences and significant events of recent news. All press photographs and photo reports in the exhibition meet the highest standards of professionalism and journalistic ethics, bringing to the public's attention important aspects of the world we live in, not in a few painful and upsetting cases, but which really matter and must be known on a scale. wide. They are powerful, challenging, impressive images that make you stop, feel, reflect deeply on the things you see and the "visual stories" you describe ... and, why not, under their emotional impact. , try to change your behavior and actions for the better, counteracting, as much as possible, the potential adverse effects and consequences. What is certain is that such an emblematic visual "testimony" of a completely atypical, complicated year, full of risks, obstacles and uncertainties, cannot leave anyone indifferent ... it is, after all, the equivalent of a valuable "life lesson", from which precious lessons can be learned”, said Alexandra Sârbu.

Starting with 2016, the exhibition presented in Bucharest was seen by about 52,000 visitors, who had the opportunity of a unique experience in the country. Due to the reputed impact and success in the capital, in 2017 the exhibition went from the National Museum of Art of Romania to the Art Museum of Timisoara, and with the 2018 edition began to be hosted, without interruption, by the Art Museum of Cluj.

Photos by - Feleki István & Ioan Alexandru Sîrbu

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