"She and I" / Painting exhibition by Svetlana Ninković and Sara Kujundžić in Silos

July 04, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

The first joint exhibition of painters Svetlana Ninković and Sara Kujundžić entitled "She and I" opened on Friday, July 2, at 8 pm, in the exhibition space of the Re-creative Center Silosi Belgrade. The exhibition will last until July 10, and it will be available to visitors every day from 6 to 10 pm in the chambers of the first silo.

The artists state that their intention is to explore and move the boundaries of the artistic ego through a series of abstract paintings. By sharing the same canvas during the creative process, the painters simultaneously open the question of mutual space and deep intimacy between them. They invite each other to create, upgrade or change together what has already been created. 

Svetlana Ninković graduated in 2006 from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, at the graphic department, and is a member of the "Art Circle". She has exhibited in 20 solos and about 30 group exhibitions in the country and abroad and participated in several art colonies and meetings. After graduating from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Sara Kujundzic went abroad, where she built her career in the waters of marketing and graphic design, and the teams that created under her art direction won internationally recognized awards in the field of advertising. Svetlana and Sara were in the same class, after which they remained close friends, and the exhibition She and I will show the works they sing together, which is a kind of a rarity in the world of fine arts.

This exhibition will also be the first in the newly opened Silos and announces a future gallery in the same place, dedicated to the local art scene. The Silos themselves are a kind of monument of brutalist architecture on the banks of the Danube, and they got new life thanks to the "Gaia Movement", a non-profit foundation that develops programs in the field of art, education, recreational sports, and environmental protection. 

Within the Silos, the Honey Garden and Urban Gardens have already been opened, as well as the Ponta bar as a gathering place for a wider social scene, and a summer stage has started for panel discussions, theater performances, and musical performances, as well as yoga and other forms of education. and recreation. In addition to the planned gallery, Silosi will soon contain an interactive museum and event center, and other facilities throughout the year.

The entrance to the Silos zone is located at the end of Dunavski kej Street, number 46, in Dorćol, behind the ramp of the former "Žitomlin" factory, and it is open to visitors every day from 12 noon to midnight.

Opening date: 02.Jul 2021
End date: 10.Jul 2021
Location: Silos Belgrade, Dunavski kej 46 street, Belgrade (Serbia)

Silosi Beograd FB page: https://www.facebook.com/silosibeograd/
Artist's website: https://svetlananinkovic.com/                            

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