Masked female portraits / Photography exhibition dedicated to the women's gaze

March 09, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The photographer Ozolin Dușa presented, between March 1-10th, in the Nicolae Tonitza Art Gallery of UAP Iași, a photography exhibition dedicated to women, or more precisely to their eyes and ways of looking, a project integrated in the current pandemic context. In the exhibition space we therefore encounter a series of masked portraits, from which we discern only the eyes and the depth of the gaze. But what else is more expressive about a face than the eyes and gaze? Even in the context of the current health crisis, ideas for well-articulated conceptual exhibitions can be outlined, starting from simple ideas such as the gaze. It is in this context that the gaze acquires an even greater meaning, since all we can see daily on human faces are only their eyes.

Photos by Cosmina M. OLTEAN

"It's been a year since our lives changed. In us lies the power to be better, more affectionate, more understanding, gentler and loving. And without your warm souls we would be nothing. Thanks to the 43 ladies who faced the cold for an idea, for the belief that they are important for us ", says the photographer Ozolin Dușa. All for the idea of ​​a project, of this exhibition dedicated to women.

"An idea, a thought, an experiment, a few written words ... I invite you to be with me in front of the County Museum of History in Botosani to give life to a story. To write with me the story of the exhibition "Woman, your eyes hurt!", a tribute I bring to you for the love you carry for us every day ", the photographer continued.

“The mythologies of the Eastern world give the eyes the privilege of embracing and enjoying the whole. You can see in the other's eyes the Sun and the Moon, the past and the future, the light and the darkness, the high and the deep. (...) It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If you know how to look, you will see the woman's eyes looking into your soul. In times of pandemic life, their eyes take the place of touch or hugs. Enhanced by the masked face, the woman's eyes speak to us. See in their light past sorrows, hidden resignations, assumed defeats, deeply sedimented melancholy, broken loves or pure joys that ennoble their existence ”, comments Nicu Gavriluță on the photos and the concept behind them.

"The faces of the women in Ozolin Dușa's photos become the epiphany of our desires and loves. The world of men is, in its essence, a game of feminine gaze - that of grandmother, mother, sister, colleague, girlfriend, wife, daughter ... Paraphrasing Hafiz of Shiraz, we could say that on the magic of feminine gaze, men laid the foundation of their being. The undeniable merit of the photographer Ozolin Dușa is to photographically immortalize something of the mystery of this good settlement ", he added.

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