"Listening" - exhibition of Ivan Hadži Zdravković Sosa in Pavane Art Room

March 01, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

Exhibition 20.21 "Listening" finds inspiration in the current situation that humanity is going through. For the past year, we have been reviewing our own value systems to align them with our priorities in the times to come. However, the cacophony of fear and uncertainty obscures a credible voice. Therefore, this exhibition, in line with Cicero's idea that if we follow nature as a leader, we will never go astray, shows works that encourage us to listen to ourselves and the world around us and raises the question of the relationship between nature and human nature. The selected photographs unobtrusively but strikingly illustrate the magnificence and serenity that Ivan Hadži Zdravković found in it.

The exhibited works were created in different creative periods of the artist's work, but with their thematic and stylistic characteristics, they never lost their relevance. The chromatic richness of the photographs and the intensity of the colors on them are associated with the abundance of life, while the diversity of textures builds allusions to the unpredictability of the path we are taking. 

Along the way, we meet Sosa's muses in perfect harmony with the environment, protected and confident. From the bark of the trees and from the rocks, as their accompaniment, mysterious characters emerge and address us. Together, they invite us not to turn our backs, but to listen and recognize the perseverance and beauty of nature and human nature, to look at them as one, as Sosa masterfully does in her photographs.

About the artist:

Ivan Hadži Zdravković - Sosa (1952-2013) is an artist, film and television creator and university professor who has dedicated his entire life and working life to photography and educational work. He finished his camera studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, but he began, built and perfected his world of photography in his native Nis, where he directly influenced the development of the cultural scene until his untimely death. Exhibitions of works by Ivan Hadži Zdravković have been organized posthumously in the last few years by a team led by his daughter Ivana Ehrensvärd, and it also includes curator Ljudmila Đukić and exhibition designer Jelena Macanović.

Opening date: 18/02/2021
Closing date: 04/3/2021
Location: Pavane Art Room, Mome Kapora Square 6 (Belgrade, Serbia)

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