Exhibition "Blue Lagoon" by Zeljka Aleksic at Gallery of Dom Omladine Belgrade

March 13, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

Željka Aleksić's multimedia exhibition deals with the relations between the presentation of the working class and its manifestation through artistic expression. Having in mind the correlation between socially established stigmas, which par excellence are in the position of political discourse and art that recontextualizes reality, the exhibition "Blue Lagoon" highlights the issues of social class and its position over time.

By creating interdisciplinary content, Željka Aleksić points to the distinction in perceiving social values ​​and the personal struggle of an individual for existence. Through the narrative cycle, the artist points to the family heritage, and through the fragments she points to the problems she encounters while working in the store, and which her family also encountered while working in the factory. By reading the installation consisting of coats/work uniforms, the form of moving the Subject into the Object is considered, which in the final constellation results in its absence.

The absence of the Object indicates its own relativity, and thus the linguistic articulation that is beyond the reach of the visible is re-examined. It inscribes in itself a series of signs that indicate the reference of the event, in the presence of an allusion within the reading of the object. It is precisely the absence of concrete information that inscribes itself through references that aim to emphasize the balance of the timeless matrix through the establishment of informal 'speech'. This emphasizes the hint in relation to the actual event that takes place at the level of association with the observer.

About the artist:

Željka Aleksić (Knjaževac, 1989), student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Scholar of the “Second year schooling” Academy of Building Arts Vienna. She enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2017 at the Department of Contextual Painting with his mentor Hans Ashley Scheirl (Gin Müller) . She completed a creative photography course in 2011 at the FON-Niš photo club. Founder of the informal group Center for Culture and Arts K019 in Knjaževac (2013). Since 2009, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Opening date: 9th March
Closing date: 26th March
Location: Gallery of DOB, Makedonska 22 Street (Belgrade, Serbia)

The programs in the Belgrade Youth Center are held with the application of all coronavirus protection measures determined by professional services, and they refer to disinfection, wearing protective masks, as well as the maximum number of visitors and maintaining the planned physical distance in the audience. We ask visitors to strictly respect the prescribed measures and to be responsible towards themselves and others. The opening ceremony of exhibitions and group visits will not be in the coming period, the DOB Gallery is open for individual visits.

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