“Alisteria / clear blue”, a complex artistic project dedicated to environmental health

March 22, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

I know well, I follow and admire the artistic ideas of the projects signed by Alis Rozmberk and her collaborators, very talented photographers and videographers. In the following we will present one of these projects, which brings together several arts – original fashion design, makeup, music (by Alis) and film making. This one is a very special project, it is a lesson, told through art, from which we all have something to learn. But no one knows all the details better than Alis, so I would let her share them with us.

Photo by Andrei Draghici 

“It was one sunny afternoon at the clothing atelier where I worked as a part-time tailor that I had this daydream. I saw a woman running and dressing on hills, wearing a baroque gown. The image stuck with me and I decided to find a way to make it real.

I contacted my friend I knew since highschool, Rareș. He studies film so I figured he would know what I should do. He knows I’m a bit crazy, after all we were bank buddies. I explained my daydream and aspiration to him and he agreed to help me film it with a friend. I started sketching the outfit I saw and find the right fabrics to make it. My boss and friend from the atelier, Ana, was fully supportive of this and encouraged me a lot. As I began working on the outfit, another crazy idea popped: why not make it a music video? I can sing so maybe I can make a song and make a visual and audio project. I searched for a studio that would be up for this as I don’t have any musical knowledge so they would have to deal with that”, confesses Alis.

Photo by Andrei Draghici 

“Another week passed and as I was trying to find the right sound for the song, I saw that one of the musical duos that I admire, iamamwhoami, will disband. I was part of a fan club and they wanted to thank the duo through a farewell project. Then it hit me: why not make the video and song inspired by a musical group that changed my musical tastes? I wanted to give them back something, while also not make this exclusively about them. One Sunday afternoon I sat down on my bed and hummed a lot. I composed the melodic line and recorded myself, I also wrote the lyrics and recorded a demo. Sent it to Sebastian, the producer and artist who owns the recording studio I chose. 

Shortly after that, I met up with him and he was glad to join. He transcribed my melodic line into some basic instruments and we worked from that. It was a very funny experience and he discovered I have the voice of a fairy. I gathered up a group of friends: Rareș and Voicu were to take care of the filming. I made the script, props, clothes, all. Andrei was a friend from elementary school who was our set photographer, while Diana, a passionate film-lover friend, joined us as the assistant, watching the script. In 8 cold hours, we filmed everything near Beliș. It was such an experience. A few weeks later Rareș and I edited the video”, continues Alis.

Photo Single cover: Bogdan Botaș

The idea of the video was the water. “We always view water as a passive element that cannot fight back. We see it as soft, often feminine. The lyrics of the song talk about an old water that awakens and comes to ravage humanity because people stayed in her way, disrespected her. She puts a curse on us all. The video depicts the awakening of this watery figure, dressed in her baroque gown. She emerges from the woods, finds her power and descends onto humanity. The end message of the video, save water before it kills us all, is meant to raise awareness towards our view and treatment of water, the way we consume and disregard it. Looking back, it’s really funny I had the instinct to make such a video. Back then I had no idea that the pandemic is coming. Luckily enough, misfortune didn’t strike from the water, but that’s all more reason to respect Nature and prevent disasters”.

The team behind this artistic project emphasizes the importance we should give to protecting the environment, nature and water. Let's do that, all of us!

You can watch the video here - https://youtu.be/q1mpaQT2cfw 

Photo by Diana Morar 

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