"Transmutation" exhibition by Nikola Mihajlović at the Balkan Cinema

March 25, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

The solo exhibition of the artist Nikola Mihajlović "Transmutation" will be opened on April 1st at 6 pm at the Balkan Cinema and will last until April 30th. In this exhibition, the author will present his paintings inspired by meta-spaces, invisible dimensions where energies and sentiments take on the contours of architectural forms. 

The works were created in the period of the last year, during which Mihajlović created in the studio of the Balkan Cinema. The opening hours are from 6 pm to 8 pm, respecting all epidemiological measures, and will culminate with a live performance at 7:30 pm, when the author will convey a "provocative" message to the visitors of the exhibition.

As for the works that will be presented at the exhibition, street art artist and architect Nikola Mihajlović says:
"Architectural thinking and approach to certain issues have left a strong influence on my work, which can be seen through the use of universal mathematical relations, geometry, lines." the influence of spontaneous and untamed energy of nature and emotion. It can be said that the relationship between these contrasts is the main path I take in my work. "

Ksenija Samardzija, curator of the exhibition and director of the Foundation Sasha Marceta, about forthcoming exhibitions and cooperation with Nikola Mihajlovic says, "Transmutation is the title of the exhibition that accompanies the formation of work during the period of the last year and from which part of the image is emerging in the cinema Balkan , in a kind an improvised atelier of a historic building that retains an attic and a wooden roof structure. With the transfer of Cinema Balkan as a working space, the desired situation was achieved for the Balkans to change, adapt and open. With the need to define itself as a modern cultural center, and in that sense the cooperation of the Sašo Marčet and Nikola Mihajlović Foundation is developing through an organized, well-thought-out and systematic position of support ”.

Stevan Vukovic, a member of the Sasa Marcheta Foundation's program council, writes in a publication dedicated to the exhibition, among other things: "Nikola Mihajlovic Korija's works examine the modalities of cooperation of colored shapes and lines, focusing on the plastic values ​​expressed through these cooperations. they act on the observer, without relying on the evocation of previously seen painting patterns, nor on analogies with established examples of work in that field. They are focused on the aesthetic experience of the observer, with the aim of evoking new modalities of affectivity and offering specific ways of feeling reality, which separate a specific moment from the continuity of time, while the baggage of everyday thoughts, worries and preoccupations is set aside, at least for a moment, to sink into relationships. the basic elements of artistic expression, which are thus also the only contents shown in these paintings ”.  

Artist announces the exhibition:


The exhibition was produced by the Sasa Marcheta Foundation.

About the artist:

Nikola Mihajlović was born in Belgrade in 1986. He attended the Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium and then acquired the title of Master of Architecture in 2011 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. He has been actively involved in artistic creation since 2008 in the form of street art, and later in the studio painting. He is the winner of the first prize at the national art competition Voyage Bleu, participant and organizer of several international and domestic projects in the field of art, among which stand out: a series of exhibitions entitled Scene at several locations in Belgrade, organization of street art festival in Požarevac, organization of street art festival Balkan Live in Belgrade, participation inStart India Festival in Hyderabad, India; participation in the Urban art-ventures festival in Volos (Greece); mural painting and a solo exhibition in Verbier (Switzerland); participation in the residence at Glo'Art in Lanaken (Belgium).

He has exhibited at numerous collective and several solo exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, among which stand-out solo exhibitions at the Parobrod Gallery in Belgrade and the Espace Temoin Gallery in Geneva; two collective exhibitions in Berlin, two participations in the Art Autumn in Sombor. He is a member of the Street Smart art collective and an external associate at the Sasa Marcheta Foundation in Belgrade. He is currently working on the project Artificial Intelligence and Art in cooperation with the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade.

Cinema Balkan, Brace Jugovica 16 Street, Belgrade (Serbia)
Beginning date: 1/4/2021
End date: 30t/4/2021

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