CROSSROADS. Poems of non belonging

November 10, 2020 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The exhibition organized by CEAR (Center for Aesthetic Research and Artistic Creation) and the National University of Arts "George Enescu" Iasi / Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, within the events marking 160 years of Iasi artistic education, with financial support from the City Hall Iași, was presented in the Victoria Gallery space. “The Crossroads exhibition, which brings together works by UNAGE Iași alumni who have chosen to settle in other cities in Romania or abroad, has opened and can be visited at the Victoria Hall of UAPR in Iasi until November 10. Thank you to all the artists who agreed to participate in this exhibition ", said Cristian Nae, curator of the project. 

Photos by Cristian Nae

The participating artists are: Dragoș Alexandrescu (RO / FIN), Silvia Amancei and Bogdan Armanu (saba) (RO / UK), Liliana Basarab, Bianca Basan (RO / SE), Sarah Muscalu, Andrei Nacu (RO / UK), Daniela Palimariu , Dan Perjovschi, Andrei Venghiac (RO / SE), and the curatorial concept belongs to the curators Lavinia German and Cristian Nae.

“In a fragmented artistic context, marked by institutional precariousness and social insecurity, the artistic careers of young artists are often the result of strategic positions, happy encounters, but also temporary failures, moments of indecision, identity crises that generates new searches and stimulates the mobility of artists. The phenomenon of emigration of educated young people to countries in northern or western Europe, which has considerably reduced Romania's population in recent decades, despite the efforts of economic growth and social reform, has not bypassed the world of contemporary art. Many artists took advantage of the social mobility gained with the integration in the European Union, settling in western cities with fervent artistic scenes and with a stronger system of commercial and artistic promotion ", the curators emphasize. 

The exhibition “CROSSROADS. Poems of non belonging ” brings together a selection of works belonging to contemporary artists from different generations who have been active on the international stage in the last decade and who, after starting their artistic education at the „George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iasi, left the city, settling either in Bucharest or in other Western European cities. It situates the idea of ​​artistic education not as an incipient point of an artistic trajectory, but as a node in a network of artistic paths that have temporarily intersected in various cultural contexts. Through their work, these artists today belong to several micro-communities simultaneously, building their discourse and artistic identity precisely through the ability to cross and connect multiple spaces, ideas and cultural experiences. 

The proposed curatorial selection aims not only to bring into dialogue different experiences of migration, relocation, uncertainty and adaptation to different artistic contexts and creative conditionings, but also to explore the accompanying affections, expectations, anxieties and existential uncertainties that often become the motivation for artistic expressions. intense poetics. Overall, the works on display rethink and (de) construct the notions of communion, community, collectivity, individuation and creative singularity.

Știri și povești din lumea artei, a jurnalismului și turismului cultural. Recenzii de expoziții, prezentări de film și file de călătorie.

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