Exhibition "Shades of White" by artist Gabriel Llinas

November 17, 2020 | Ivana Nedeljković

The Balearic artist Gabriel Llinàs at the end of his residency in Belgrade Air, within the framework of the Home session Exchange program, will hold an exhibition entitled “Shades of White”.

Shades of White presents artistic research on the multilayered historical evolution of Belgrade, focusing on its architectural heritage as a device to understand its inhabitants’ behaviors, traditions and relations with urban space. The framework of the research goes from the Roman occupation of Singidunum at the IV century to nowadays, paying attention to crutial episodes underlying Belgrade, the city under which more battles have been waged, as affirmed by The British Encyclopedia of Cities. To deepen into this background, the project departs from an speculative exploration of the slavic name Beograd (The White City), which dates back to the IX century, in spite that no clear evidence of its origin has been found.

The uncertain reason of the name becomes an excuse to explore its identity in a wider and more experimental way, understanding the city as a melting-pot. In this sense, the project holds a tension between white, conceived as a peaceful and stable colour, and the city’s endless history of conflicts and enigmas.

Thus, the proposal presented at Magacin’s main space has been developed through two main axes. On the one hand, a fieldwork based on several walking drifts around the city has been planned. This has enhanced a more personal and direct approach to the different neighborhoods and landmarks, as well as the opportunity to spread the project in an expanded network, engaging its inhabitants while sharing different perspectives about the city’s landscape.

On the other hand, these observations have inspired a body of works (paintings, photographies and found materials) which end up creating a rhizomatic cartography of today’s Belgrade, from the dialogue between such concepts as construction-destruction, visible-hidden, past-present.

This project is supported by Homesession (Barcelona) and BAIR (Belgrade), throughout the Exchange / Belgrade residency grant, with the collabotation of Institut Ramon Llull and Institut d’Estudis Balearics.

Gabriel Biel Llinas (Felanitx, Illes Balears, 1994) is a graduate in Fine Arts (2016) and Master's degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Museum (2018) from Barcelona Universitat. Its trajectory develops between artistic creation, research and cultural management.


Cultural Center Magacin is a space intended for art, culture and sociability.

Through the open calendar model, the warehouse is available free of charge to hundreds of users every day, who together contribute to the preservation and improvement of the space and its increasing visibility and importance. At the same time, it becomes a place of origin of a community that is expanding every day and an example of collective work to preserve the public good.

The legal status of the Warehouse is still unresolved, although it was opened in 2007 in partnership with the independent scene and the institutions of the City of Belgrade. The warehouse survives and develops thanks to the struggle and self-organized work of numerous actors of the independent cultural scene, artists, activists and their friends and associates.

Opening Date: 21st November
Closing Date: 26th November
Location: Cultural Center Magacin, Kraljevića Marka 4 Street (Belgrade, Serbia)

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