"Freedom via the breath" - an exhibition of small format paintings by Ivana Živić

November 06, 2020 | Ivana Nedeljković

The exhibition Freedom of Breath corresponds to the current global situation, even in the most banal sense, the current regulation of rules and prohibitions, the privilege of free breathing, dominant confusion and distrust in what is shown, presented, determine the truth and the right to it. The replacement of concepts and their meanings, the manipulation and transposition of the physical into the social distance, supports the constant diversion of attention to alienation and exclusion from society, as a current problem, its vulnerability.

One figure of a woman, dressed, in an environment in which it is not natural, accepts the weight of her burden through her clothes, without physical stripping, without politicizing the feminist, she is the heroine of her story. Water is a metaphor for constant personal activism, life, and art. Water is also a metaphor of different sensibilities and its weapon and shield in its own struggle. The enemy may be loneliness, but it is an illusion, because of its ambivalent character, it is difficult, but often necessary for self-knowledge, self-upgrading. In the present, there is often a latent or explicit subversion of the cult of loneliness-self-sufficiency, through self-help, strengthening of self-confidence, positive thoughts and ultimate optimism, exclusive categories that make loneliness itself bearable or absurd.

Talent and skill, through a recognizable language of realistic presentation, continuously defend the oil on canvas technique and guarantee its survival in the era of technological ambience and the unpopularity of established painterly expression. The latent insertion of cult depictions of museum interiors into the field of painting, as a backdrop to the narrative itself, promotes the institution of the museum and its necessity, identifying it with the religious concept of maintaining sacral toponyms, which is always unconditional, complete and dedicated. 

Yet universal religiosity, art or philosophy is born, lives, and survives outside the institutions. The vitality of water and women in symbiosis repeatedly explain the different characters of the female principle, her sexual and gender role, her religious or philosophical mysticism, she as an inexhaustible theme of artistic inspiration, her right not to delay the right to freedom through all appearances and appearances, and for the aesthetic dimension to always be poetry that becomes an activist act of the individual. 

About the artist:

Ivana Živić (Sarajevo, 1979) is a painter who lives and works in Belgrade.

She graduated in painting in 2004 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Painting, where she received her master's degree two years later. Since 2006, she has been a permanent member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS), and since then she has been present at 22 solo and over 50 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She is the winner of the drawing award of the Salon of Fine Arts of France ( Salon des Beaux Arts 2019), the award from the drawing fund Vladimir Veličković (2016), the first award of the Rotary Club (2014), the award for production of work from the Dimitrija Bašičević Mangelos Foundation (2012), and Diplomas for drawing from the Second Biennial of Drawing in Pancevo (2009). She has exhibited at Nord Art (2017 and 2016), as well as at The Other Art Fair in partnership with Saatchi Onlinegallery in London (2019). She has participated in art residencies: Month of Serbian Art at the Arthab Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE (2018), GLOART Center in Lanaken, Belgium (2015) and Cite Internationale des Arts Paris in France (2009). Her works can be found in the Wiener Städtische collection of contemporary Serbian art as well as in numerous private collections around the world.

Opened: 04.Nov 2020 (Wednesday)
End date: 27.Nov 2020
Location: Lucida Gallery, Belgrade (Serbia), Čika Ljubina 11 Street

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