"Everything you have seen will come true" / New pictorial project by Andrei Gamarț

November 14, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

His works fascinate and are full of magnetism. Memory, light and identity are recurring themes in Andrei Gamarț's art, and the viewers' reactions are testimony to the force of expression in his painting.

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The oil works, some of them large in size, reflect the classical, rigorous education, through the accuracy with which they visually reproduce reality, but combined with imagination and subjectivity, aspects that ultimately outline a pictorial manner of his own. The artist brings a new painting, with great visual impact, resulting from the combination of post-impressionist and neo-surrealist elements.

Brașov Art Museum and Mobius Gallery present the new pictorial project of the Bessarabian artist Andrei Gamarț, with the title "Everything you saw will come true", at the Multicultural Center of Transilvania University in Brașov.

"A fine observer of phenomena and realities formulated at the limit of the perceptible, Gamarț explores themes such as time, memory, space and, especially, light, as primordial matter. At the center of his artistic concerns, influenced by Bergsonian philosophy, are the relationships that are formulated between these elements and the way in which they are perceived or, on the contrary, omitted by the conscious receiver" - we learn from the MAB's Communication and PR office.

"The image is a fog from which echoes and shadows emerge, it is a metamorphosis that encompasses all the stages of change, it is flow and renewed fulfillment, where the visible and the invisible succeed each other in a perpetual interrogation of the object. The image of a thing is a continuous flickering of appearances and reflections, shadows of thought that take possession of the first obstacle that comes their way, a material field of appropriations disputed between sight and vision.

Her bright and familiar face originates in a world of shadows and mirrors, of planes hidden from view. Even in the absence of the object, its image is shown to us as alive, because the sight is not about things, it is about the way they pass or endure" - emphasizes the artist.

"Intended to bring meaning and clarity, the image acquires other values ​​in Andrei Gamarț's understanding, becoming rather a territory of possible realities, of possible meanings over which the veil of uncertainty is constantly cast. Although always before us and at the same time within us, the truth, by its nature, is eternally inaccessible to us. All we have left is the feeling of flow, of transformation, from one stage to another of the ages of understanding, a transformation that depends on our ability to probe the meanings of the reality we weave around us" - Alexandra Ardelean.

The exhibition includes works from different creative periods, most of them made between 2017 and 2023, thus establishing the premises of a conclusion regarding the artist's queries, expressed in the most recent series. Thus, the viewer can chronologically follow the itinerary of the creative process and the thematic index formulated by the artist's concerns in recent years.

The exhibition "Everything you saw will come true", open to the public until December 3, 2023, is a collaborative effort between the Brașov Art Museum, Mobius Gallery and the Multicultural Center of the Transilvania University in Brașov to bring contemporary art into the spotlight and support the development of contemporary artistic culture at the national level.

About the artist

Andrei Gamarț, born in 1988 in the Republic of Moldova, graduated in 2004 from the Academy of Arts in Chisinau, Painting Department . His works are multi-layered, including painting, drawing and engraving. In recent years, the artist has focused on exploring the relationship between matter, light and memory. His works reveal fragments of a timeless and spatial world, which induce the viewer in a bizarre sense of familiarity, difficult to define.

Andrei Gamarț had personal and group exhibitions in Bucharest, Chisinau and internationally. He is also a writer and poet. He lives and works in Bucharest.

About the organizers

Opened in 2015, Mobius Gallery aims to produce museum-quality contemporary art exhibitions and host cultural exchanges between East and West. Since then, the gallery has become one of the most consistent spaces dedicated to art in Romania, with a fresh international program that includes exhibitions of established, emerging or debutante artists.

The gallery invites us to admire and reflect by looking in detail at Andrei Gamat's complex paintings. Visit - https://website-mobiusgallery.artlogic.net/exhibitions/69-tot-ce-ai-vazut-se-va-implini-andrei-gamart/

The Brașov Art Museum creates connections between the public, art and artists, being a dynamic space for exploration, active learning and experimentation with heritage and contemporary creation. The museum team assumes the role of facilitator, out of the desire to contribute to changing the erroneous public perception of museums, according to which they represent passive spaces, simple archives of heritage, proposing innovative methods of valorizing it and promoting contemporary art.

The Multicultural Center of Transilvania University in Braşov is both a meeting place between the community and contemporary art, as well as a program of events and projects designed to promote artistic expression and the ideas of the different cultures that make up the world we live in. Through organized, produced or hosted events, through partnerships, it aims to contribute to the cultivation of fundamental values ​​such as critical thinking, receptivity to innovation and experiment, tolerance and celebration of diversity, intellectual curiosity and dialogue.

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