At the Blue Biennale: 3 art installations by 3 international artists

November 02, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Between October 1st - November 5th, 2023, the White Tower in Brasov (RO), part of the medieval fortress of Brasov, hosts 3 art installations by 3 international artists, presented within the Blue Biennale program, that will soon conclude. Therefore, the viewer can navigate from one artistic concept to another, from one artistic story to another. Let's travel in the worlds of the 3 artists.

The first is called ASKING THE SILENCE, an art installation by Thomas Fackler, curated by Alexandra Vassilikian.
The artist Thomas Fackler, from Augsburg (Germany) exhibits at the White Tower the installation "Questioning the Silence", with an interesting, interactive concept, which involves "a procession on the ground of objects of various sizes to which is added a series of bells - some suspended, others related to the respective objects with wires and that can ring".
Photos by Blue Biennale

The second is ANGELS OF ANGER, art installation by Alexandra Vassilikian (France).
The artist proposes an art installation with which visitors can interact, by entering the "forest" of paper strips and artworks that connect the ground with the ceiling. Among them, surrounded, hidden, there are paintings on paper, suspended, like tutelary spirits of this "forest". Visitors will be face to face with these presences inside the installation.

A third installation is GARDEN ME by artist Maria Gliga, curated by Victoria Taroi.
The choice of the theme is a concern for the artist. <<The idea of man's return to Nature is not realized and used as an Enlightenment ideal, but as a reminder of the self, as "preparation of the soul for nature" and, for immortality, frequently found in his creation in which the primordial elements - earth, air, water and fire – are incarnated from laboriously interwoven threads, in large spatial constructions. This predilection betrays the desire for elevation, for growth, for flight, which he treats as frequently>>, points out the curator.

"The evolution in space determined a number of morphologies freed from any constraints, but the artist maintained a constant control of the expressions, preventing the expansion of the forms from turning into an abstract game, emptied of ideational charge. In front of the works you can experience the feeling of returning and rediscovering a universe once known, but abandoned, a tender upheaval of the original types that dwell in us and connect us to the mysteries of the composition of this world". (Victoria Taroi)
The textile art of artist Maria Gliga
The theme of the current edition of the biennale is Oxymoron, "a rhetorical figure through which we aim to reflect on the issues of the contemporary world, on duality, tensions, and diversity found in the complex reality we live in or in the very kaleidoscopic nature of human beings, with eternal dilemmas and perpetual confrontations in the struggle between life and death".
BLUE BIENNALE 2023 is an event organized by the Artesentia Cultural Association, funded by Brasov County Council and co-financed by the Municipality of Brasov.
The art space: The White Tower, one of the 4 observation towers
of the medieval fortress of Brasov, very impressive with the massiveness and slenderness of its architecture

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