Three environmental art exhibitions that combine technology and science

February 06, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"Tecnopoéticas ambientales" (Environmental Technopoetics), "Trazos Biomateriales" (Biomaterials and Raw ) and "Materia Prima" (Material Traces) are three group exhibitions by Argentine artists that mix art, science, and technology to make visitors reflect on how to take care of the planet. These proposals are part of the "Shared Planet" project, a campaign that focuses on the behaviors and ways in which the planet is inhabited, carried out at the Recoleta Cultural Center.

On the one hand, "Tecnopoéticas ambientales" exhibits six projects by different artists, winners of the public calls of the MediaLab program of the Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (Cceba). This program seeks to support the generation of works by artists based in Argentina, stimulate research and be a space for production, reflection, and training in art, in intersection with science and technology.

The exhibition takes place in three halls. The works explore different media, supports, and techniques. We can find sound installation, electronic textiles, electro-luminescent intervention, video games, immersive environments, holography, and blown glass objects, designed and produced by 3D printing techniques.
"Bulbullia" (2020-22), by Laura Ojeda Bär and Matías Malizia
"CyberTextil.resist" by Maria Sol Verniers
For its part, "Trazos Biomateriales", brings together in one room the projects of the Sistemas Materiales Group. These works arise from the integration of biological systems in design and manufacturing processes, which also give rise to unconventional alternatives of materiality and functionality from, with, and for nature.
Sistemas Materiales Group
Finally, "Materia Prima" explores and investigates the development of sustainable materials for textile projects. Throughout a room, the works make visible the unfavorable environmental impact of the production processes and the fashion industry, against which the creation of new sustainable materials is proposed.
By Eliana Guzmán, Franco Moraviski and Emilce Cesarini
The three projects stand out for their creativity and innovation in raising awareness of climate change, environmentally harmful industrial activities, and actions against social inequalities. Although the formats, media, and supports involved in the proposals exhibited are not limited to specific disciplines or languages in a restrictive sense, all the works make use of technologies in different instances of the creative processes.

Thus, all the works exhibited participate in some of the technopoetic strategies deployed within the field of contemporary art. I refer, for example, to the hierarchization of the research processes on the idea of the finished piece, the questioning of the strictly objectual dimension of the traditional work, and the confluences of tangible and non-apprehensible materialities.

In these exhibitions, Centro Cultural Recoleta also seeks gender equity among the selected artists. The creations presented here thus contribute to the AGENDA 2030 approved by all member states at the 2015 UN General Assembly.

"Tecnopoéticas ambientales"/ "Trazos Biomateriales"/ "Materia Prima" 
Location: Recoleta Cultural Center, Junín 1930, C1113 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 13th October 2022
End Date: -
Working hours: Tuesday-Friday: 1.30pm to 10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11.15am to 10pm

Official website: 


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