Classic and contemporary: installations in dialogue with the Amalia Fortabat Collection

February 22, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

The exhibition "Tesoro" (Treasure) brings together four contemporary Argentine artists in dialogue with the collection of the Museum Fortabat Collection, located in the emblematic neighborhood of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. With works by the pop artist Delia Cancela, the creative duo Chiachio & Giannone, and the artist and performer Sofía Torres Kosiba, cycle #9 of "Exploring the Collection," a program initiated in 2018, was presented.

Without a curatorial guide to organize this particular dialogue of different interests and life stories, the museum that houses the Amalita Lacroze de Fortabat Collection imprints a new vigor between the second floor and the basement. From the choice of three installations and four artists, the works present themes ranging from love and silence to dances and identity as a dance that remains floating phantasmagorically.

In conversation with works from the early twentieth century, "Treasure" brings together a set of pieces that have in common the use of textiles, film, and video. For example, Delia Cancela's proposal converses with Raquel Forner's painting "Presagio" and Sofía Torres Kosiba, who performed at the opening, works with Xul Solar's watercolor Bri-PaísGente. The dresses dance in the air to the sound of Pedro Figari's "Pericón de estancia" in Chiachio & Giannone's beautiful piece. For this duo of artists, known for their embroideries of different formats, this project implied the possibility of incorporating the novel artifact of cinema, with a super 8 film in which dances and testimonies of the LGBT community, the blacks, the browns, the whores, are the protagonists.
"Los pies en la tierra, los ojos en el cielo, pajaros en la cabeza", by Delia Cancela based on "Presagio" by Raquel Forner

"Fiesta" by Chiachio & Giannone from "Pericón en la estancia" by Pedro Figari

"Chicha, Chispa, Chimilar. The three daughters of the jackal", by Sofía Torres Kosiba from "Bri-País-Gente" by Xul Solar
Located between the second floor and the basement, it is the first time that the museum is open to an intervention experience and the result is brilliant, vigorous, and celebratory. The subtle paintings reminiscent of flora, the recreations of the prints of the garments worn by the characters of some canonical works, the sculptures of anthropomorphic beasts, or the dresses that spin like merry-go-rounds are striking and leave a trail of fullness in those who observe them, are proof of this. Later, this enveloping atmosphere fades away and each work opens up questions in the visitors, with unforeseen answers from their singular gazes.

Throughout the nine encounters of the "Exploring the Collection" program, the collection of this museum has built different narratives that have surprised the viewer. If you are in Argentina, be sure to visit the Museo Colección Fortabat, home to one of the most exquisite and eclectic series of private paintings in the country.

Location: Fortabat Collection Museum, Olga Cossettini 141, C1107 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 30th September 2022
End Date: 18th February 2023
Working hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 12am to 20 pm
Official website: 

Participating Artist: 

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