The pop world of Edgardo Giménez unfolds in the exhibition "Once upon a time"

November 21, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

"Había Una Vez" (Once upon a time) is a solo exhibition by Edgardo Giménez, an Argentine artist with a great trajectory in pop art. This project, held at the MCMC Gallery (Contemporary Art Gallery), proposes an anthology of objects, paintings, and furniture created by Giménez in the 1960s and 1970s, along with some more current works.

A white rabbit in a cup, a monkey, or a secreter cat with little drawers are some of the works presented by the self-taught pop artist and designer Edgardo Gimenez at the age of 80. The exhibition rescues the game and the beauty so necessary in life for this optimistic artist who considers that "the true art is the one that does not leave you unharmed". The artist, through his works, projects a way of living and creating that combines a formula where fantasy and reality coexist in objects, paintings, sculptures, and furniture.

"Había Una Vez" is an invitation to travel through the magical world of the artist. Giménez exhibits in the gallery large paintings and his "Sinfonía Venusina" (1993), a new pink tower with lights inside. He also exhibits iconic works such as his famous monkeys, and his classic furniture such as "Mueble de Mandriles y Nubes" (1967), "Mueble Palomar" (1978), and a black lacquered wood "Gato Secretaire".

Giménez's superficial style comes from the quality of imitating "human things" which leads him to "make a caricature of the human being", and as part of a game, to humanize them. The first work that welcomes the visitor is a tribute to Lewis Carroll: a large white rabbit inside a cup with an ace of spades and its respective spoon in pop style, made this year. This sculpture takes up another of the artist's works, "Tea Time" (1978), and refers to Alice in Wonderland, but resized. According to Giménez, Carroll's book mixes fantasy and reality, something that directly challenges his work.

Throughout the exhibition, we can appreciate how the artist transforms everyday objects and installs them in a space of enjoyment, imagination, and resonance. The works exhibited at MCMC Gallery demonstrate why Giménez is a multifaceted artist. His pop world is full of humor, references, playfulness, and joy. The show also features Cynthia Cohen as a guest artist.

"Había Una vez"
Location: MCMC Gallery (Contemporary Art Gallery), José León Pagano 2649, C1425 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 
Opening Date: 19th October, 2022
End Date: 20th December 2022
Working hours: Monday-Friday: 11am to 7pm
Official website:

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