”Between Two Wars” - Group exhibition of 9 artists from Eastern Europe

November 10, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

November 8-30, 2022 / at the GreenHouse, St. Atanasie Street no. 25, Iasi 

Between Two Wars” is a project that presents 8 new artistic productions by artists established and active in Eastern Europe.
The initiative to bring these works together in a group exhibition in Iasi is based on the orientation of the organizer towards local artists in a regional framework (Eastern Romania, Czech Republic, Republic of Moldova) through the production of contemporary art organically realized for this exhibition. The project was named after the film “Between Two Wars” by filmmaker Harun Farocki, completed in 1978.
(1) Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (RO): Rendered Hopeless, 2022, on the left
Florin Bobu (RO): BIИE AȚI VEИIT!, 2022, on the right
"The works are conceptually indirectly aiming at the conflict that recently started on Romania's border, and rather show different mechanisms of perception on it, but also aspects of the political and economic consequences in countries located in the proximity of the war, as felt by the artists in the places where they live and activate.
The exhibition thus outlines an artistic production made in a period defined by a constant expectative, in an attempt to responsibly and reflexively integrate current global issues, and not to deeply destabilize existing local cultural structures and efforts to gain a better understanding of the situation we are in", we learn from curator Delia Bulgaru.
Viktor Vejvoda (CZ): Pohlednice z minulosti a budoucnosti / Postcards from past and future, 2022

The exhibition, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, is part of the cultural project BETWEEN TWO WARS, organized by satelit between August and November 2022.

The participants and their works:
Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (RO): Rendered Hopeless, 2022
Florin Bobu (RO): BIИE AȚI VEИIT!, 2022
Elena Chirila (MD): The war beyond my social media feeds: near or far?, 2022
Andreea Cioară (RO): unwelcome, 2022
Cezar Lăzărescu (RO): Memories, 2022
Andrei Timofte (RO): Vibrant Democracies: From passion to profit, 2022
Smaranda Ursuleanu (RO): alternative drawings, 2022
Viktor Vejvoda (CZ): Pohlednice z minulosti a budoucnosti / Postcards from past and future, 2022

Andrei Timofte (RO): Vibrant Democracies: From passion to profit, 2022
Elena Chirila (MD): The war beyond my social media feeds: near or far?, 2022
Smaranda Ursuleanu (RO): alternative drawings, 2022

Cezar Lăzărescu (RO): Memories, 2022

Andreea Cioară (RO): unwelcome, 2022

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