Ion Anghel / "Retroactiv" at Galeria Dana

October 18, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The Artists Union from Romania - Iași Branch and Galeria Dana present, between October 11 and November 11, the exhibition "Retroactiv" - signed by artist Ion ANGHEL. The project is curated by Smaranda Bostan and the art critic Dr. Maria Bilasevschi.
Ion Anghel is a visual artist, curator and lecturer at the Department of Painting at the University of Arts in Bucharest. A member of the UAP, within which he holds the position of President of Honor, Discipline and Arbitration Commission, Ion Anghel has been awarded with numerous prizes, being, at the same time, the author of important exhibitions held at museums and galleries throughout Romania.
Photos by Galeria Dana 
"In the interstice of space-time, Ion Anghel's artistic approach within Retroactiv project does not propose a visual formula under the warmth of which understanding develops, hence the viewer's self-satisfaction, but insinuates itself into everyone's capacity for active decoding and reactive vigilance. Installation, object, sculpture, assemblage, painting, each work transcends its own personal history in the face of learned history through re-signification and contextualization. The extraordinary character of the "ordinary" that exists in found objects, saved from their own loss under the curtain of everyday indifference, outlines the often unseen substratum of the feeling you have, upon first contact, with the artist's objects, assemblages and collages.

Finding the thematic becomes secondary, in fact finding a narrative thread or an explicit statement is not justified, the viewer being invited to go beyond the immediate meaning of the fragment towards the surprise, even partial allusion. Of course, viewed without understanding the playful-ironic dimension, translated with a bittersweet feeling that remains fixed behind the retina, the intellectual-emotional resonance would be diluted towards a formalist dialogue with a enigmatic intimacy. By reassembling the elements and materials that constitute individual allegories, the creation process intuited in the final form seems similar to that of an alchemist. In fact, the re-evaluation of the object's status, which results from the artist's relationship with it, endowing it with a new destiny that erases the past and mirrors the future is, in the whole exhibition, a re-examination, an aesthetic and conceptual re-evaluation of the paradigms of art which become a metaphor for life itself. 

Precisely for this reason, disillusionment, derision, the volatility of cultural or spiritual value systems, the lessons of history, the lessons of art (the pseudo-idyllic landscape in the portrait), the lesson about human being, become through two and three dimensions a journey towards the personal archeology of artist Ion Anghel", we learn from art critic Maria Bilashevschi.

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