Cinema and Fashion by Jean Paul Gaultier

October 14, 2022 | Analía Vallejo Larrea

The new exhibition at CaixaForum highlights the link between the world of the big screen and the world of the catwalks. The idea is to project the union of both industries from the personal perspective of Jean Paul Gaultier.
Image: CaixaForum
In this way, we have an eclectic journey through the vision and work of the French designer, along with designs by other creators and national and international artists.

The common thread of this tour is the idea of empowered women reflected on the big screen through daring and challenging costumes. Thus, the exhibition, divided into five distinct areas, analyzing the context of the creation of costumes for films, emphasizing key aspects such as the influence of rock, punk and queer cultures.

Image: CaixaForum
Jean Paul Gaultier explained: "With my fashion I wanted to show how women became freer and more empowered", the fashion designer is also the artistic director of the exhibition, which is co-organized by the Fundación la Caixa and La Cinémathèque française.

According to Gaultier, as well as this exhibition shows the female empowerment, it also shows the change that the male image has undergone, which, according to him, is more and more banal to the point of becoming practically a man-object.

The general director of the Fundación la Caixa, Elisa Durán, explained that the exhibition brings together a set of more than 100 pieces of clothing that are shown in about 70 "iconic looks", fragments of more than 90 films and 125 graphic representations -posters, sketches, stills and photographs, including originals and reproductions.
Image: CaixaForum
The exhibition includes dresses worn by actresses Grace Jones in 'Panorama to Kill', Catherine Deneuve in '8 Women', Grace Kelly in 'Rear Window', Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct', Marilyn Monroe in 'Naked Eve' and the Gaultier corset worn by Madonna on her 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour, among many others.

You can visit this exhibition until October 23, 2022 at CaizaForum, located at Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, in the city of Barcelona.

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