"PALINDROM", a new artistic experiment by Monica Pop

May 13, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The apARTe gallery, of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, within the "G. Enescu" National University of Arts in Iași, presented between April 27 and May 3, an artistic experiment signed by the artist Monica Pop, whom she named PALINDROM, through which she “explores the intersection between media and forms of public communication associated with advertising design. Revisiting the collage, Monica Pop combines the elements of graphic design with photography in a visual format that evokes the size, materiality and saturated chromatics specific to the advertising poster", we learn from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cristian Nae, curator of the project.

Photo credits - Aparte Gallery & Monica Pop
"In this approach, she mobilizes an archive of graphic signs borrowed from the history of design. Although the elements of visual language are explicitly borrowed from the modernity of the historical avant-garde - collage, photographic montage with multiple perspectives, coding through constructivist geometric abstraction - the theme is obviously that of the transition from print to digital communication. In this transition, the notion of surface plays a crucial role. The surface, understood not only as a reflective medium, like a mirror, but also as an interface, a membrane that allows contact and interaction between two or more communication systems and users, is fundamental in the transition from postmodern simulation, defined as a shallow surface to the interface - hyper-modern technological leather.

Suggesting a shattered screen, her visual language reveals fragments of everyday life that fall hard into the category of advertising images. Behind the advertising image, always carefully constructed and technologically augmented, Monica Pop inserts amateur photographs, images of vernacular architecture, depopulated rural landscapes, fragments of subjectively viewed spaces, archaic places that, in another context, could become the subject of books postcards that popularize exoticism. Finally, the resulting images are in a broader trend of researching social and critical design that seems to become defining for the design department of the University of Arts in Iasi
", pointed out Cristian Nae, in his curatorial speech.

About the artist 
Associate Professor in Design at FAVD, UNAGE Iaşi, PhD Coordinator at the UNAGE Doctoral School of Visual Arts, since 2016, Monica Pop graduated with a doctorate in aesthetics, as well as a master's program in which she studied aspects of anthropology cultural and social.

Her theoretical research focuses on interdisciplinary fields of design and visual arts, communication management in professional practice. Her predominant field of research is semiotics, in all its forms of manifestation, the dynamics of the sign in society, and the transposition of practitioners' concepts into new understandings of design. She has published eight scientific papers dealing with issues related to visual semiotics, visual language dynamics as well as issues of design representation in the environmental or advertising space. She participated in conferences indexed in international databases, with articles on design thinking, industrial design, ecodesign, etc.

She has also coordinated various art projects at UNAGE Iasi, has been a member of three research grants and is a member of F.D.I. Participates in national and international exhibitions: TEXPOART - International Triennial of Textile Arts, BIAMT - International Biennial of Miniature Arts Timisoara, WEST MEETS EAST - a cultural book exchange, CENTENNIAL National Salon of Contemporary Art and more. (https://doctart.ro/indrumatori-doctorate-arte-vizuale/monica-pop/)

Another project of the artist - INDEXART

Recently, in the first part of April, Monica Pop presented another exhibition project - INDEXART (April 11-17), at the PARTER gallery of FAVD, UNAGE Iași, an event that coincided with the Open Doors Week at UNAGE Iași.

The exhibition included ten works and a film (sound and image), the last made and edited by designer Tiberiu Pop. The selected art photographs proposed a series of "visual metaphors that start from the type of sign called the index and open a wide field of interpretations and contemplations," said the artist about the project.

Știri și povești din lumea artei, a jurnalismului și turismului cultural. Recenzii de expoziții, prezentări de film și file de călătorie.

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