Mary Weatherford - “The flaying of Marsyas” at Palazzo Grimani in Venice

May 04, 2022 | BeatriceS

During the opening week of the 59th Biennale Arte of Venice, on the 20th of April the Californian artist Mary Weatherford inaugurated “The flaying of Marsyas” at the beautiful Grimani Palace, a Renaissance place in the heart of Venice where the doge Antonio Grimani and his family lived from the 16th century.

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The second floor, opened for the first time just for this exhibition, is totally for the big canvas with the neon of Weatherford. This series, created during the lockdown of 2021, has been inspired by the look of the work of  Titian “The flaying of Marsyas” in Rome some year ago.
The artist put on these canvases the colors and the light of this painting, playing with the palette also with the use of the neon. What Titian wanted to represent in his painting – the violence of the flaying, the grief of Marsyas who lost a musical competition against Apollo, the god of Music – can be seen also on the canvas of Weatherford, where her experiment with the light of the neon is able to analyze and reflect the violence and the atmosphere of the mythological theme.

Titian - “The flaying of Marsyas” 

The exhibition, produced by Gagosian, has been organized with the help of the Regional Direction of Veneto and of the Venetian Heritage Foundation. It completes the will of Palazzo Grimani to combine the contemporaneity with the Palace, started also with the series Archinto by Georg Baselitz, always produced by Gagosian. 

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