«Un Jardín Nuestro», a collective exhibition of Arte Actual FLACSO that questions the relationships between humans and plants

January 12, 2022 | Analía Vallejo Larrea

Un Jardín Nuestro (A Garden of Ours), is an exhibition organized by Arte Actual FLACSO, curated by Paulina León Crespo and prepared for the parallel context of the Biennial of Cuenca.

El huésped (2021) by Raúl Ayala 

The main concept of Un Jardín Nuestro is to think about the relationships between the human world and the plant world. The idea arises, from the connection evidenced by many citizens, during the time of confinement, with everything related to plants. At that time, many people redirected their lives, decided to move to the countryside, buy more plants for their home, or even, many people began to create urban gardens. Basically, the relationship between both worlds was reactivated.

Sensorium - The digestion symposium - Conceptual tasting (2021) by Martina Miño Pérez

The exhibition features the artworks of seven artists: Raúl Ayala, Ana Fernández Miranda Texidor, Martina Miño Pérez, Teo Monsalve, Dia Muñoz, Pamela Suasti and Polett Zapata

Image: Arte Actual FLACSO

But, in addition, Un Jardín Nuestro has a series of artistic activations, in which we have the participation of: Andrea Alejandro Freire, Daniel Kemeny and Lisbeth Carvajal, Pamela Jijón and Tania Cortés, José Luis Jácome, Polett Zapata and Gowara Minsa, Carolina Muñoz, Martina Miño and Elsye Suquilanda.

Workshop "Tejido sin tejer" (2021) by Pamela Suasti

The questions posed by the artists are related to issues such as what has happened to our diet? What relationships do we have with the plant-based food world? How have we started to plant our food? What capacity for action or consciousness does a plant have? A series of questions that the artists were translating in their works.

Primal weave (2021) by Pamela Suasti

For this reason, there are very different artworks, since each artist has a different look at these questions, we can find from contemplative images drawings/paintings, studies on medicinal plants and their effect on bodies, installations, performance, etc.

Insula - Olfactory Sculpture (2021) by Martina Miño Pérez

Regarding artistic activations, the exhibition held artistic lunches, culinary tastings, video projections, workshops, etc.

Metatherapy - Participatory performance with biosensors (2021) by Dia Muñoz

For example, in one of the activations, the artist Dia Muñoz did a performance where sensors are placed on her body and on a plant, the sensors capture the energy impulses that the artist translates into sounds and graphics, which could be seen by the audience on a screen. Dia Muñoz also took the sounds and graphics and translated them into sculptures and drawings that are on display.

Noetic (2021) by Dia Muñoz

Ana Fernández exhibits a collection of paintings where she portrays herself as a Sambo plant. However, she also carried out an activation where she seeks to show the Sambo plant, as the plant of resistance, since it provides a lot of food, you can eat its fruits, its flowers and its seeds. Her activation consisted of a three-course lunch, all using Sambo as the main product.

Artistic lunch (2021) by Ana Fernández 

If you missed the activations, don't worry, since they will be held again in February, meanwhile the exhibition is open until February 11th, it is located in the Metal Museum of Cuenca.

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