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January 18, 2022 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

    NOTES FROM PUBLIC WALKS is a laboratory-exhibition by Sabine Zahn, with a public walk by Florin Bobu and Cătălin Gheorghe, as the project team named it, and it is a contemporary art project that recently took place at Aparte Gallery / Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iași, Romania.

Expanding the city in four steps, a participatory project by Sabine Zahn (Germany)

    “Expanding the city in four steps is an invitation to create the city on your own. You can literally take the workshop-book and go through it to see what inspires you in thought and action. Some of the instructions in the book are chosen to be tested in the city of Iasi: you can choose some cards and take them with you to try to work on the instructions”, we find out from the project team.

The materials came from the Stadterweitern project in Berlin in 2020, and were meant to travel and be applied in different urban situations by anyone interested in changing relationships and therefore space. Iasi is the first place where it traveled in the physical format of the book and the space. More information can be found on 

Scraps from a walk in time, a public walk with Florin Bobu and Cătălin Gheorghe

    The project imagines a trip made to Iasi, in 1989, to meet the team of architects of ICPROM Iasi (Moldova Research and Design Institute) who designed, in the second half of the '60s and early' 70s, a series of projects of some public markets in Iași “as if” they were finally really realized.

    The exhibition-laboratory took place within the cultural project "UnderAct 2020 - Program of residencies and artistic mobility". The "UnderAct" program aimed to improve the professional career of artists, encourage inter / transdisciplinarity in contemporary arts, artistic mobility and cultural dialogue. The program is addressed to Romanian and foreign artists who are offered the opportunity to get to know the cultural environment of Iași, to interact with local artists and to make artistic productions, workshops, masterclass meetings. The laboratory-exhibition was made by the Association of FaPt Company - Art Factory and Theater Production and German Cultural Center in Iasi, in collaboration with Vector Studio, CEAR - Center for Aesthetic Research and Artistic Creation at the National University of Arts "George Enescu ”From Iași and the 1 + 1 Association (Iași), with the support of the Iași City Hall and the Goethe Institute.

The project team

        Sabine Zahn is a Berlin-based artist and choreographer. In her projects, Sabine is interested in exploring the relationship between urban space and human bodies, as well as their mutual influence. She always works closely with other artists and urban planners to develop participatory formats, establishing new relationships between art and social movements. He took courses in Theater Studies and Journalism in Leipzig, later studying acting and movement theater at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Ticino. He also had a postgraduate scholarship to Zadek / Stromberg. He collaborated with the Raumlaborberlin team of architects, creating works of art in the public space with urban and social issues. Accessing various scholarships, such as Research Fellowship 2017 or Tanzstipendium 2013, she carries out her research activity not only in Berlin, but also, among other places, in Medellin or Kaliningrad. Website:

        Florin Bobu is a Romanian artist, curator and producer who lives and works in Iasi. He studied Media Art, Media Art Section (B.A., 2005), as well as Sculpture, Sculpture Section, (B.A., 2005) ArtEZ / AKI, Akademie voor beeldende kunst en design, Enschede, The Netherlands. In 2018 he graduated from CuratorLab curatorial courses at Konsfack University in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2012, he has been the president of the 1 + 1 Association, a non-profit institution that wants to promote the role of the contemporary artist in Romanian society, consolidating his status, discussing the artist's responsibilities and supporting artistic practices. Also since 2012, he is a volunteer co-curator of Iași. Website:

        Cătălin Gheorghe is a theoretician, curator, editor and associate professor at the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași, where he teaches courses in Theories and Practices of Artistic Research, Curatorial Studies and Practices and Applied Visual Studies. He is the curator of the educational platform for critical research and artistic production "Vector - studio of artistic practices and debates" since 2007 and editor of the series of publications "Vector - critical research in context" since 2005. Website:

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