Group exhibition “IMPERCEPTIBLE” / Aparte Gallery, Iasi

December 15, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

From the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, "George Enescu" National University of Arts in Iasi //
Aparte Gallery, UNAGE Iasi

One of the recent concluded art projects presented at Aparte Gallery was IMPERCEPTIBLE, showing a series of artworks belonging to young artists that work in various artistic mediums. The artists who exhibited are Alexandra Babin, Carina Burghelea, Mihai Chelba, Iulia Constantin, Andrei Gavriliță, Alexandru Ilievici, Miruna Lupea, Cătălin Marinescu, Radu Neacșu, Ioana Rusu, Iulian Țugui, Students of the specialties Mural Art, Photo-Video and Sculpture. Coordinators of the project was Bogdan Gavrilean, Lavinia German, Cătălin Gheorghe, Oana Nicuță Nae, Daniel Sofron, Cătălin Soreanu, Mihai Vereștiuc and technical support: Vlad Onescu, Nicu Oniciuc.

“In the margin of deviation from the conventions of expectations, the exhibition is conceptualized by translating an experience of defragmenting the investigative oscillations into apparent visual philosophies towards the controlled disorder of the limits of perceptivity. Thus, if the intrusiveness highlights the liminality, the images seem to transpire and fade at the same time contradictory of the notification. For example, immersions, displacements and defragmentations, which make the negative space become an adjective accent in the moments of revision of contemplations, create a static, cold, intermediate vertigo. In the same rhetoric, the exhibition space appears as if it were browsing like a book whose pages you can see intermittently or simultaneously. No sequence is released from the atmosphere. No fragment contradicts the disorder. Hierarchies dissolve, while geometries force the foreground, which suddenly turns into an indistinct background. One step back, between layers, erases shapes that remain only colors, or deselects colors that fade into figures, not illusions. In order to hold your breath, without dizziness, you take a deep breath and refrain from sighing. You will not feel that you are floating, only that you will become imperceptible yourself”. (Cătălin Gheorghe, curator)

"Imperceptible" is an exhibition of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, National University of Arts "George Enescu" in Iasi, being part of a series of exhibition, editorial and discursive events held within the project "Extended Base of Activities and Practices in Arts - Specially Extended Base ”.

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