Arte Sella: When nature is the main artist

December 13, 2021 | BeatriceS

 In over thirty years, the cultural association Arte Sella makes the beautiful mountains on Val di Sella (Trentino, Italy) among the most special art exhibitions in the world.

The project is based on the idea of the union between art and nature, where the artist works thinking of the natural process that will change the artwork.

Artwork: 0121-1110=115075 by Jaehyo Lee
Photo by Matteo Padovan, December 2021

Among the artists, there are Henrique Oliveira, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Jaehyo Lee, Steven Siegel and many more, and their works are divided between the Malga Costa Area (the principal one, in the mountains of Borgo Valsugana), Montura Path, which connects the first one with the garden of Villa Strobele.

Visiting Arte Sella is always special because it is never the same, everything is temporary, nature is always on the move with the weather that changes the way you can experience it. Art comes from nature, and nature changes it and shapes it as it wants, following the passing of time: the artist has to interpret nature and its necessities, protecting the way it makes things grow.

Artwork: Third Paradise - Trench of peace by Michelangelo Pistoletto
Photo by Matteo Padovan, December 2021

The visitors can see the artworks in every moment of their process: art and nature become a never-ending process, a one-time performance, the main artists of the artworks.

The way Arte Stella thought about the path and the purpose of this kind of exhibition makes everything greater than it could have been, and the experience in Val di Sella can only be the one to look for.

Artwork: The invisible woman by Cédric Le Borgne
Photo by Matteo Padovan, December 2021

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