"Sin Señal", an exhibition on the relationship between the body and virtuality at Byte Footage Festival

November 04, 2021 | nadiaevangelina

The second edition of Byte Footage, the first Latin American digital archive festival based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was held on October 29, 30, and 31. This new edition was held at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK), with workshops, concerts, performances, talks, and the exhibition "Sin Señal" (No Signal), whose core is the relationship between digitalization and the body. Byte Footage was created in 2018 as a space dedicated to the appropriation and use of the Latin American web archive.

The exhibition brought together a total of 33 video works, performances, and photographs by diverse Latin American artists selected by a jury composed of Diana Szeinblum, Gala Berger, and Cristobal Cea during a call for submissions in 2020. The proposal, curated by Hernán Kacew, explores technologies, bodies, and digital archives from a critical perspective.

Cover of the Byte Footage Festival

Through a single but large room without walls, viewers could walk through the works of different media in a free tour. The pieces that were part of the exhibition experiment with the limits between the virtual and the physical to propose other ways of rethinking to the cataract of digital images that we consume. In this sense, the body, material and finite, must investigate the various possibilities of relating with technological devices under the premise that it is fundamental to understand the effects they have on our lives.

"Sin Señal" proposes to materialize the infinite information of the digital cloud to turn it into a space conducive to exchange and reflection on the role of new technologies. The exhibition invites viewers to remember the sensory and to reconnect with their bodies. The project was accompanied by collective listening, performances, and DJ sets by artists and collectives such as the association Red Multisonora, the activist action #proyectorazo, the visual artist Nina Kunan, the scenic group Corina Wilson and the sound artists Aylu, Vic Bang, POV, etc.

Julieta Tarraubella 

Projection of Nina Kovensky 

Performance by Gustavo Bianchi 

The artists that made up the exhibition are Abril Carissimo (AR), Adina Lizeth García Velázquez (MX), Ana de Ilzarbe (AR), Angie Rengifo (CO), Celia Argüello Rena (AR), Pablo Lugones (AR), Constanza Castagnet (AR), Daira Cañete (AR), El Pelele (AR), Florencia Vallejos (AR), Francisca Armando (AR), Gustavo Bianchi (AR), Miguel Garutti (AR), Heidi Giel (AR), Camila Pozner (AR), Martín Flugelman (AR), Ignacio Barocchi (AR), Iván Haidar (AR), Julia Lucesole (AR), Vanessa Salamanca (AR), Amelia Orden (AR), Julia Sbriller (AR), Julián Brangold (AR), Julieta Tarraubella (AR), Lígia Villarón (BR), Linn Ragnarsson (SE), Natália Beserra (BR), Murilo Augusto (BR), Mabel (AR), Marcos Goymil (AR), María Molina Peiró (ES), Matías Romero (AR), Máximo Signiorini (AR), Mercedes Invernizzi Oviedo (CU/ AR), Milagros Loyola (AR), Natalia García Clark (MX), Nina Kovensky (AR), Patricia Teles (BR), Paula Soares (BR), Santiago Carlini (AR), Sofia Fiondella (AR), Lucila Berenblum (AR), Victoria Maréchal (CH).

"Sin Señal"
Location: Centro Cultural Kirchner (Kirchner Cultural Center), Sarmiento 151, C1041 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 29th October 2021
End Date: 31st October 2021
Working hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 2 pm to 8 pm
Official website:


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