Artgames and glitch illustrations at the digital museum Espacio Byte

November 11, 2021 | nadiaevangelina

On October 30, the Night of the Museums was held in the city of Buenos Aires, one of the most anticipated events of the year in which more than 100 museums, emblematic buildings, and cultural spaces participate. As part of this celebration, Espacio Byte, the first digital museum in Argentina, participated in two online exhibitions: "Cánones Alterados" (Altered Canons) and "Juega Bajo Tu Propio Riesgo" (Play at your own risk). Both can be visited on the museum's website, available every day, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

On the one hand, "Cánones Alterados" is the recent solo exhibition of Mark Klink, a digital artist from the United States. Inspired by Greek and Roman sculptures, Klink experiments with shapes, colors, and textures, through software manipulation. The interesting thing about this proposal is the re-interpretation of the classical canon, the one that for many centuries represented the ideals of the human being.

"Athena" (2019-2021) by Mark Klink

"Capuan Venus 2.07" (2019-2021) by Mark Klink

The artist challenges symmetry and the search for perfection through glitch aesthetics. His works are a reflection of two completely different periods of art and humanity. The classical and the contemporary converge in his digital illustrations, or rather, the idealization in the face of the error of technology. The glitch aesthetic also reminds us that our control over devices is an illusion, revealing that these tools are not as perfect or efficient as humans built them.
As for "Juega Bajo Tu Propio Riesgo", it is a collective and international exhibition of art games. It is an interactive proposal in which users can play different video games created by digital artists. The particularity of these pieces is that they were created during the covid-19 pandemic. The way in which confinement affected us psychologically are some of the key points of this exhibition. Surreal and post-apocalyptic worlds are presented to the user, experiencing feelings of loneliness or survival.

"Regreso a casa" (2020) by Alvaro Cresping

"2020 GAME" (2020) by Max Garkavyy

Both exhibitions propose different relationships with the viewer. "Cánones Alterados" approaches the format of a traditional exhibition: the website can function as a room, featuring the curatorial text, the artist's presentation, and the works arranged in random order. While that "Juega Bajo Tu Propio Riesgo" is a more playful exhibition, in which the viewer can choose the game, and be part of an immersive experience.

The exhibitions at Espacio Byte challenge traditional ways of enjoying art. I remind us that art is everywhere, even on our computers or cell phone. From the intimacy of our home, the museum proposes an individual and different experience, which is nothing more than a reflection of the contemporary era. It is increasingly evident how new technologies transform everyday life, generating a constant hybridization of texts and forms; they foster dialogue and a debate on the very essence of creation and perception.

Espacio Byte was created only in 2013, and since then it has offered several online exhibitions and a variety of educational programs. The museum's mission is to exhibit, research and disseminate Argentine and international digital art, proposing new ways of approaching this complex contemporary production.

"Cánones Alterados"/ "Juega Bajo Tu Propio Riesgo"
Location: Espacio Byte Website, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Opening Date: September 2021/ May 2021
End Date: Permanent exhibition
Working hours: Sunday-Sunday: 24 hs.
Official website:

Participating Artists:
("Cánones Alterados"): Mark Klink
(Juega Bajo Tu Propio Riesgo"): Jordan Magnuson

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