Summer Art Recommendations for Belgrade Visitors

August 23, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

 Summer Recommendation #1: Street art outdoor lectures

You can use sunny days and nice weather in the city for active socializing and urban exploration. Remember the sentence: "Get to know your city to love it more"? This is exactly the principle on the basis of which open-air street art lectures were organized by the "Street Art Belgrade" association.

In addition to spending quality time outside, the participants get to know those features of Belgrade that they may not notice at first glance. The pearls of street art are presented in the tour but through the prism of the history of the capital. We offer several city locations: Savamala, Gornji Dorcol, Donji Dorcol, Vracar, New Belgrade and Topcider.

Street art walks last about 2.5 hours, and groups are organized depending on the number of participants, up to 10 and up to 20 people. The lecturers are art historians who have been researching graffiti and street art for several decades.

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Summer recommendation #2: Souvenirs to be proud of from Novi Sad

Souvenirs are unavoidable "luggage" from a trip to remember, but also a great gift for friends abroad. In one store in the centre of Novi Sad, they are works of art and an occasion to happily tell at least a part of the history and tradition of our region through them.

Among the products, carpets are proposed to UNESCO as an intangible cultural asset, Zmijanje, which is already under the protection of UNESCO, and abyssal damask, specific in that, as in 1881, when it arrived in Serbia, the same machines were used.


There are also modern seamstresses by famous artist and costume designer Zagorka Stojanović, ceramic products that are modern, based on the tradition of workmanship or design, as well as works by Novi Sad painter Stanko Rodić, who is especially inspired by Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, Danube and Vojvodina landscapes.

Location: Dunavska 2 Street, Novi Sad (Serbia)

Summer Recommendation #3: Common Language Exhibition

The Youth Biennale, an international exhibition of contemporary art that will feature works by authors of the younger generation, will be held for the first time this year under the title Common Language. The exhibition does not speak on behalf of the individual, but communicates through a common signifier "we" and establishes a body that speaks a common language. Such language is a constellation of symbols, hashtags, neologisms, emojis, but not only that. It is the communication system of the emerging revolutionary collective. It is a meeting place of a new generation that communicates in a different way, somewhat encrypted for the previous ones, through new rules, new challenges, new tendencies.

The curators of the exhibition, Senka Latinović, Teodora Jeremić and Jovana Trifuljesko (photo below), establish an overlap and find a system in which different but equal curatorial concepts are formed, reflecting the Youth Biennale as a place that meets the common needs of all involved in its creation. performing works of art, but also building discourse and distributing knowledge. 

Curatorial workshops and educational programs were organized within the entire event in cooperation with ULUS members and other cultural and artistic actors of the local contemporary scene.

End date: 05th September 2021
Locations: Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, ULUS Gallery, Roman Well, Military Bunker, Large Gunpowder Warehouse (Barutana), Amam (Planetarium), Clock Tower, Nebojša Tower, KC Footnote, KC Magacin

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