Geanina M. Zaharia / a graphic art detached from an unic poetic imaginary

August 16, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

A graduate of the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași, Geanina Maria Zaharia studied at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, specializing in Graphics (bachelor's degree) and specializing in Graphics / 3D Amination within the master's program. Even before her university artistic studies, the young artist stood out in various local and national art competitions, winning numerous awards. She early outlined a way of self-representation, a way that she carved out even more under the guidance of her teachers from UNAGE Iasi. She works very well in more than one artistic medium - drawing, painting, mixed media, collage and digital art.

"The lord of the rings movie poster", collage 

Looking at a series of works signed by Geanina, such as those that illustrate this material, we can see a graphic that denotes its own poetics, with an accentuated imaginary tint and a vivid chromatic. In other words, we find in her graphics the fragments of fairytale worlds. She then followed this aspect with a predilection for the master's degree, in the 3D graphics she made for the animation short films she had to prepare for the courses and then as a final project of the dissertation. Geanina and her colleagues were the first generation of graphic designers from UNAGE Iași who studied 3D Amination at the master's program in Graphics. The practical part of Geanina's dissertation was a short episode from a fairy tale, a story made entirely by her, both practical and conceptual. For this material she provided me with some frames from the video.
Frames from a 3D animation made by Geanina Zaharia

But before the master's degree, Geanina's graphics were strictly in line with the rules of traditional graphics. She made numerous compositions in pencil, pen and watercolor. Her works always had complex compositions, on which she worked meticulously, for hours, on which she always returned a few times to retouch or add new elements. I can say all this as an “eyewitness”, because I often watched her while she was working, being her roommate for a few years at the faculty. So I know her closely as a friend and as an artist. Geanina is a very detailed, meditative graphic designer who puts a lot of effort into everything she does. Her physical and inner beauty is reflected in every graphic composition she has made so far. To try to get to know her, even in the case of those who have not met her physically, it is enough to see her graphics. A truth valid for every artist. If you know how to look, the art in front of you will reveal a lot about the person behind it - the time of composition, the chromatics, the favorite subjects, the artistic manner, all are indications of the artist's intention and his psychology.

"Audrey Hepburn portrait", collage

For the past two years, Geanina has worked almost entirely on digital and 3D graphics. In fact, she custom-makes individual, couple or family portraits, book illustrations, company logos and personalized wedding invitations with portraits. Her artist portfolio can be viewed on the international platform, where you can see more samples of her graphics.

"Autumn", watercolor on cardboard

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