Uroš Đurić - The Last Exhibition of Contemporary Art

October 12, 2020 | Ivana Nedeljković

As an artist who has been present on the stage for three decades, Uroš Đurić continuously manages to stay outside all established rules, artistic frameworks or directions. Back in 1994, when he wrote the Manifesto of Autonomism together with Stevan Markuš , Đurić laid the foundations of his ideology and since then he has been developing his expression and poetics faithful exclusively to his own beliefs about art that reflects the (class) society in which he is born. 

Đurić's works, even when created in one of the most traditional media, always reflect the contemporary moment in painting and refer to the current socio-political situation, class inequality, existential problems, which seem to be not only contemporary but also timeless. The last exhibition of contemporary art will present to the Belgrade audience for the first time Đurić's works from the cycle Art for Class Society, started in 2012, together with the latest works. The intriguing title of the exhibition raises numerous questions about the phenomenon of the contemporary and the contradictions that the term contemporary art carries within itself. How to define modernity, how long does it last, when does it end, and what comes after?

The artist himself says:… Contemporary art contains the germ of its own death, but since there is nothing better in sight, it is renewed. Similar to capitalism, it goes through cycles of growth and collapse that serves as a self-correction mechanism that ensures the lasting survival of the system.

Within the program VISUAL ART AND YOUTH, we present an audio recording of a conversation between Marijana Vaščić , art historian and Uroš Đurić , artist.

Artist's Bio:

Uros Đuric was born in 1964, in Belgrade. He studied art history at the Faculty of Philosophy, and painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He graduated in 1992 and received his master's degree in 1998 from the painting department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He is the author of the Manifesto of Autonomism (with Stevan Markuš). One of the founders of the independent art association Remont, within which he runs the Remont gallery and the art magazine of the same name. Strating from 1999, he has been organizing guest appearances and co-productions of foreign artists in Serbia. He has appeared in about twenty feature and documentary films and TV series. From 1992 to 2010 he worked as the author and editor of numerous shows on B92 radio.
He currently lives and works in Belgrade.

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