BIOS, an intriguing art exhibition centered on the Anthropocene phenomenon

October 12, 2020 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Recently I viewed BIOS, an interactive and intriguing art exhibition centered on the concept of the Anthropocene phenomenon. Presented in an art space in Brașov, the Multicultural Center of the Transilvania University, the exhibition gathers art installations created by ten young romanian artists, curated by RIZI and scrutinizes invisible or ignored human processes that lead to debates about Anthropocene and the new geological era. Through artistic installations, the artists distill major concepts of the anthropocene phenomenon and inquire it’s particular aesthetics.

BIOS exhibition. Photos by Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN

“Substantial evidence on human impact hints on the fact that humans are now a force as powerful as nature itself. Ice ages and major extinction events are in the nature of nature. Considering the Earth’s entire existence as a timescale, humans are in it at 0,0057% of the whole existence of life on the blue planet. In this short time, humanity has accumulated power over nature thanks to technological and scientific advances. Through direct and indirect butterfly-effect actions, humanity has exploited this power to it’s benefit, leading to significant interspecies inequalities. The power of awareness, technology and immediate action can be steered in exciting but also dangerous directions”, points out the curator. “Can we use our technological power to harmonize with the analogue nature?”, “what could be the journey of the individual to the collective projection of the future?”, “what about a symbiotic interspecies relationship?” – these are the main questions raised by the artistic project presented the participating artists. 

In the following rows I’ll do short presentations on some of the art installations from BIOS exhibition. The first is “Filtered”, a digital triptych by Matei Băcanu, a 3D artist with a background in architecture. His project talks about the human impact on the natural environment. “As human impact on the environment grows, so does the risk of imbalance. Healthy, sustainable and direct connections to nature become more and more a thing of privilege. Filtered brings forward the ways in which we bias and filter information…”, claims the artist. 

Other project is „Save our planet” by Adrian Tabacaru. „More than 8.7 milion eukaryotic species inhabit our planet. This tiny sphere is imbued with life everywhere you look. But if you think this diversity is in a perfect balance, think again. If you summarize the entire Earth’s lifespan into 24h, you will find that the Anthropocene era is here for no more than 3 seconds. Humans made all this mess in just 3 seconds”, sais the artist. 

„Spot”, an artistic project by Răzvan Pascu, is about life, time and polution. „Life takes time, needs conditions, life evolves. It took garbage more than 100 years to take over the planet and more than 100 years of oil exploitation before that. After 2 centuries our garbage is alive and growing”, sais Răzvan. „MeetGO” by Dan Adrian Ionescu challenges today’s individuals to face themselves, by means of raising awareness of the Anthropocene’s effects.

„Techno angst” quadriptych by Dorin Cucicov addresses the field of artificial life in context of the anthropocene. The four modules construct a fictional Universe based on real facts. „Are the humans the ones in full control?”

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