The Annual Exhibition of the Design Section of ULUPUDS 2020

September 19, 2020 | Ivana Nedeljković

The design section of ULUPUDS is an example that convinces us that design shapes the world around us. The present taste of the individual and the individual narratives of the artist focus the attention of the observer, but it also shows the unique way in which a sensation corresponds with the taste of the wider audience and emerges from the created visual identity.

The works were created on the platform of artistic-theoretical and social-humanistic knowledge with data from current geopoetics. Thus, the design shows the society we live in, that is, the nature of the society shaped by the will of today's man, his interests, motives, and the very important thing - habits and everyday living.

The long-themed and elaborated relation art - life is shown in action. The exhibition further directs us towards thinking about the question of the extent to which modern man has a need for art.

What is noticeable is that this year's exhibition shows the propositions of interdisciplinary design, not a manifestation of strictly separate techniques, and hence separate categories of design, but proposes an interdisciplinary position related to the connection and interaction of design disciplines, but also something more interesting - interdisciplinary multimedia communication of art and design.

The first part of the exhibition is a period from Sep 24th to Oct 12th and the other from Oct 15th to Oct 30th.

(Due pandemic situation Student Cultural Center has prescribed dimensions which can not be more than 5 visitors in the gallery at the same time, with wearing masks and maintaining distances.)

What is ULUPUDS?

The Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) is a unique social, non-partisan organization and a voluntary professional association that creates an environment for free action of independent artists in Serbia. Through the activities of ULUPUDS, independent artists of Serbia exercise their rights both in the field of creativity and the improvement of their social and legal status.

ULUPUDS brings together the most eminent artists (about 1500 members, of which 600 are independent artists) who are grouped in nine different sections: architecture, painting and graphics (applied painting, applied graphics, illustration, caricature, comics, conservation and restoration), textiles and contemporary clothing, scenography and costume design, design (graphic, industrial and visual communications), art photography, ceramics and glass, sculpture section and a section for theory, criticism and art history. The galleries of the Association are: SINGIDUNUM Gallery, Knez Mihailova 40 and the small SINGIDUNUM Gallery, Uzun Mirkova 12, both in Belgrade.

Annually ULUPUDS organizes over forty solo and group exhibitions both in its own and in rented gallery spaces.Traditional exhibitions of ULUPUDS are: May exhibition (review of works of all sections and professions of the Association, held in May-June), an exhibition of newly admitted members, biennial of ceramics in Belgrade, biennial international exhibition Golden Pen of Belgrade (illustration exhibition, October-November), Golden Smile (exhibition of caricatures, October-November), international exhibition of ceramics, Biennial of Ceramics, International Exhibition of Participants in the Ranko Radović Awards, etc. ULUPUDS sends works to various international events: Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Costume Design, Biennial of Illustration in Bratislava. , and cooperates with related organizations in the field of culture from the country and abroad.In addition to the exhibition activity, ULUPUDS, through its own authoring service, provides artists with conditions for uninterrupted business. ULUPUDS cooperates with related organizations in the field of culture in the country and abroad, exchange proposals, programs, etc.

If you want to find out more, visit their official website:

Date: September 24th - October 12th 2020

Location: Student Cultural Center, 48 Kralja Milana Street, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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