Cezara Moraru: "Ink art gives me the freedom to express myself in a relatively short time"

September 21, 2020 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Artist Cezara Moraru lives in Iasi, Romania. She has a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and Design from George Enesco National University of Arts Iasi and a Master Degree in Language, Literature and Hispanic Civilization from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi. The artist paticiped on many group exhibitions like “Jam Session” (Bonn, Germany), “Atelier35” (Victoria Gallery, Iași) and “Visiting Art History” (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi). The artist’s solo exhibitions include “Hypostases of the Gaze” (Iași Municipal Museum), „Subjective Substrates” (Meru Gallery) and „Identities” (Victoria Gallery).

I wanted to find out more about Cezara’s practice, about her projects, about what inspires her and about her goals in art, so I asked a few questions. Her practice focuses on experimental painting but also easel painting, working with mixed techniques that include ink, acrylic, pastel, oil or spray on paper. „Some of the conceptual works are graphic interventions on texts from old, abandoned books that I took from antique shops or from my personal collection. The texts I choose are mainly philosophical writings or poems. After reading a page, our mind will involuntarily extract a series of terms that remain in our subconscious, which are in line with our emotional and cultural baggage. Through subsequent interventions, following the process described above, in a subjective way, I reveal the pun that raised in my mind while reading”, the artist sais. 

The easel works focus on human nature that tends towards continuous dehumanization, despite the technological progress. Cezara sais that the great artists that inspires her work are Victor Brauner and Gerhard Richter. She usually expresses through abstract painting and conceptual works, but sometimes also creates figurative art, when she feels that the figurative expression is needed to render the artistic intention.

Her favorite technique, as she claims, is ink ark. This involves using ink on different types of paper to be able to make different kind of artistic structures. „I prefer ink art because I can use the directed spot, as well as the experimental spot. On text interventions the stain is directed, but it acquires a certain ink identity, so it becomes a spontaneous abstract intention. This technique allows me to create even if my free time is limited. Art is about moments and inspiration and I try to make my works out of every spare minute. If a figurative painting sometimes require weeks of work, ink art gives me the freedom to express myself in a relatively short time”, explains the artist.

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