Modern and MetaModern: 300 exhibited works from the heritage of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires

June 06, 2024 | nadiaevangelina

“Modern and MetaModern” is the mega-exhibition that brings together 300 of the greatest works from the heritage of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In an ambitious setting, the exhibition offers an artistic panorama of the last sixty years and proposes to trace the history of the institution, which has more than 900 pieces in its patrimony. It took the curators more than two years of work, but the result is more than achieved and the public has at its disposal some works that were frequently exhibited in recent times (Greco, some Leon Ferrari, some Minujin), or young emerging artists such as Chola Poblete), but also jewels that due to volume or requirements have not been exhibited for a long time, such as an important installation by Liliana Maresca dedicated to the conquest of the American continent.

In almost all the works there is a QR code that leads to different portals and minisites of the museum where you can get more information. This is thanks to the fact that in recent years, the museum began the process of cataloging and digitizing the documents linked to its historical exhibitions and made the results of this work available to the public on its website. “Modern and MetaModern” unfolds as a meta-exhibition where each work or set of works exhibited, literally opens as a portal to information about the museum's historical exhibitions in which each piece or artist participated or about the research carried out and captured in books and audiovisual records. Through these QRs, you can also access different research carried out over the years by the institution's team of curators and researchers. The museum emphasized that the idea of this year is to consider art as a vehicle for knowledge about reality and about ourselves, and imagination as an engine for human and educational development.

Of the rooms, the central one is dedicated to the two movements that the Modern houses with more zeal: abstract art and informalism. The exhibition does not have a chronological criterion, since the idea is to show that both these movements and others are important because they occurred almost in parallel. The central idea is to represent a powerful local art scene and a reflection on a city that grows by creating and whose artists spoke on an equal footing with the rest of the planet. According to the museum's director, art is produced today with the same vigor as in times past and she wonders if more support is needed. For this reason, the Museum of Modern Art took on the challenge of gathering 700 portfolios of top artists in just three weeks.

Modern and MetaModern is an excuse to also exhibit some of the Museum's most recent acquisitions. Some of them come as a corollary of other exhibitions of the past, “completing” them, in a certain way and a posteriori, with the acquisition of works or their donation by the artists or their relatives, a sample of how the institution built its link with art.

"Modern and MetaModern"
Location: Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Av. San Juan 350, C1147 AAO, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: April 2024
End Date:January 2026
Working hours: Monday: 11am to 7pm
                          Wednesday-Friday: 11am to 7pm
                          Saturday-Sunday: 11am to 8pm

Official website:

Participating Artists:
Susi Aczel, Roberto Aizenberg, Julián Althabe, Nicanor Aráoz, Carmelo Arden Quin, Pompeyo Audivert, Sergio Avello, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Elba Bairon, Ernesto Ballesteros, Daniel Basso, Carlota Beltrame, Antonio Berni, Martín Blaszko, Inés Blumencweig, Sofía Böhtlingk, Ricardo Carpani, Juan Cavallero, Luis Centurión, Laura Códega, Eugenia Crenovich (Yente), Washington Cucurto, Flavia Da Rin, Jorge de la Vega, Sergio De Loof, Ernesto Deira, Juan Del Prete, Hugo Demarco, Germaine Derbecq, Mirtha Dermisache, Noemí Di Benedetto, Juan Carlos Distéfano, Matías Duville, Ana Eckell, Marcelo Epstein, Noemí Escandell, León Ferrari, Arnoldo Gaite, Ana Gallardo, Ricardo Garabito, Santiago García Sáenz, Nicolás García Uriburu, Noemí Gerstein, Edgardo Giménez, Alberto Goldenstein, Guillermo González Ruiz, Alberto Greco, Graciela Hasper, Alberto Heredia, Alfredo Hlito, Enio Iommi, Kenneth Kemble, Guillermo Kuitca, David Lamelas, Julio Le Parc, Martín Legón, Reinaldo Leiro, Catalina León, Valentina Liernur, Lucrecia Lionti, Alfredo Londaibere, Raúl Lozza, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Rómulo Macció, Víctor Magariños, Jorge Gumier Maier, Tomás Maldonado, Liliana Maresca, María Martorell, Juan Melé, Gian Paolo Minelli, Marta Minujín, Jorge Miño, Oski, Eduardo Painceira, César Paternosto, Luis Pazos, Máximo Pedraza, Martha Peluffo, La Chola Poblete, Rogelio Polesello, Alfredo Prior, Emilio Renart, Juan Pablo Renzi, Juan Carlos Romero, Rubén Santantonín, Eduardo Serón, Aldo Sessa, Carlos Silva, Pablo Siquier, Oscar Smoje, Juan Stoppani, Pablo Suárez, Luis Terán, Luis Tomasello, Silvia Torras, Gabriel Valansi, Georges Vantongerloo, Gregorio Vardánega, Miguel Ángel Vidal, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Sesostris Vitullo, Luis Alberto Wells, Horacio Zabala, Pablo Ziccarello and Rosario Zorraquín. 

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